Pearls To The Bishops



When I read this, it took my breath away. 

In a sort of repetition of the Miracle of Lanciano (if you are Italian, you have probably heard of it; if you aren’t, I don’t know) a host was proven to have transformed in distressed cardiac heart tissue. The stunning conclusion of the research ordered by the ecclesiastical authorities read thus:

In the histopathological image, the fragments of tissue have been found containing the fragmented parts of the cross striated muscle. (…) The whole (…) is most similar to the heart muscle with alterations that often appear during the agony. The genetic researches indicate the human origin of the tissue.

As father Z very rightly points out, Not just normal heart tissue, but distressed heart tissue.

Feel free to take some breath before going on. 

This is, literally, huge. Not only the miracle in itself is another stunning demonstration to us, of little faith, that Christ is always with us; but the distressed heart tissue adds another layer of breathtaking beauty.

The miracle happened on Christmas Day in 2013, the year that will remain in infamy forever. The official announcement of the miracle happened in 2016, another year that will remain in infamy forever.

The Country blessed with such an astonishing, fully undeserved demonstration of Our Lord’s undying love for us is Poland, a Country that so much suffered for the Faith, and so much gave to it.

A country, too, whose Bishops staged a unanimous insurgency against the Relatio post disceptationem in 2014, very fittingly stating that it was not only a betrayal of the Church, but an offence to JP II.

These very Bishops appear, at least to my knowledge, to remain stubbornly silent after the Pope himself released an official papal document spitting not only in the face of JP II but also, and very evidently, spitting in the face of Christ: openly, insistently, shamelessly.

Pearls to the Bishops.

May they find the courage to speak up, or repent of their cowardice, or pay forever the price of their own arrogance.



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  1. It is interesting to point that when ex cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was archbishop of Buenos Aires also an eucharistic, recognized miracle, was produced in one of the parishes of Buenos Aires (Santa Maria, 1996). The scientific research of the sample, ordered by ex archbishop Bergoglio demonstrated, as in this case, that it was LIVE cardiac tissue corresponding to a person of about 30 years old from Middle East, and whose blood group is AB+. Astonishing… and profetic (?).

  2. Just one more detail. The scientific results from the miracles of Lanciano and Buenos Aires were compared. By the analysis of the ADN of both tissues it was determined that both belonged to the same person! Amazing, but perfectly logic.

  3. This alleged miracle is probably false, because it can only happen when the Real Presence has ceased. The point is that after the consecration of the species Christ is present, according to Catholic dogma, under the accidents of bread (and wine), as long as these accidents exist. Now, when these accidents are supposedly changed into the accidents of something else — like cardiac tissue — it is clear that the accidents of the bread have ceased to exist, and hence Christ is longer present, simply because the Host is no longer a Host.

  4. Yes, I too read about this miracle and felt very, very uplifted. Praise be to Jesus Christ Our Lord.

  5. Having read about this @ Barnhardt’s site, sat in awe at Adoration this week. Every beat of His Sacred Heart was my joy, consolation and peace.

  6. Hmm, more “miracles” in the New “Mass” of the New False Church? The Devil too can perform wonders…

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