Trannie In The Female Bathroom: It’s So Much More Than Safety

The controversy about the “Trannie in the Bathroom” shows once again how adept Conservatives are at losing battles out of fear of appearing “insensitive”. And there can be no doubt that when fundamental issues are avoided in the name of peripheral considerations defeat is already assured.

The problem with the Trannie in the female bathroom is, certainly, also a problem of security. But this is merely an accessory of the main problem. The main problem is the progressive transgenderisation, and therefore deep perversion, of Western civilisation.

Do you think that the Trannie really cares where he piddles? To him – and those who help him – the issue is one of homologation of his perversion within mainstream society.

Therefore, when the opposers avoid to touch the main issue and hide under the issue of “safety” they have already lost, because they have already accepted the perverted frame of their opponents.

And by the way, after this battle is lost I will be very glad for all the wannabe conservative idiots who now have to endure a Trannie in their bathroom, or in their daughters' bathrooms. I am talking of those who weren't opposed to civil partnerships provided it's not marriage, those who must always let you know how much they love perverts (but hey, they hate their sins!), those who cannot talk of perverts in other terms than “gays”, and so on.

It serves you right, you nincompoops. You did not want to appear “insensitive”. How do you like them…Trannies?

We reap what we sowed. We accept the frame of reference of the perverts' lobby, of course we end up in a corner.

A Trannie must not be allowed in the female bathroom because he is a damn male, no matter how much he has amputated or disfigured himself. This, and no other, is the argument.

If a male thinks that he is a female the appropriate place for him is the madhouse, not the female bathroom. Safety is nowhere as important as recovering sanity.

But no: reading around about the controversy, it seems it's already a problem of “safety”.


Let's lose this one, too.

God forbid, we are called “haters”!



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  1. I see that the massive retailer ‘Target’ in the US is making arrangements to accommodate the males who want to use female toilets to a great fanfare ‘look at us we are soooh inclusive’. To date about 800,000 have signed a petition denouncing them and, when last I looked FOURTEEN, people had signed a petition supporting them. I hope they go out of business.

    • They won’t go out of business for this. But they will feel the pinch in the bottom line. However, I repeat this i sa losin gbattle as long as it is fought in the losing way.
      Ask target *not to pervert your children*! Then it’s much better already.

  2. This should be framed and hung in all public places.

  3. I have been talking about the perversion of our children for years. I am 100% opposed to abortion but abortion is not the only horrible thing Planned Parenthood does. Just go to one of their teens pages. They promote homosexuality and transgender ism. I am just glad I am not alone in seeing this. I have spoken about it on my FB page but NEVER get any response. You are so right that people are afraid to be called names. When it comes to our children, I am fearless. It is a relief that I am not alone.

  4. You are so undeniably correct. I’m going to sign the petition but I know it will come to nothing.
    1Vader5 (another blogger) wants to boycott and wants to hurt them financially. That’s a nice idea, except for the fact that 1Vader5 doesn’t understand that Target will remain in business for as long as its true owners wish it to be so, boycott or no boycott. These transnational, mega corporations don’t survive solely by how much garbage they sell. If they are among the anointed corporations (and those such as Target obviously are anointed) then they are propped up by tax dollars, and all manner of shady bookkeeping.
    If the CIA could and DID prop up “Ms” magazine (the Gloria Steinem rag published during the 1980s) in order for it to stay in business and churn out its agitprop, they can and will certainly gather up their black budgets for Target. After all, this is a world wide agenda, with trans-global banking interests, NGOs, and the U.N. directing and funding it.
    Who are we to judge whether men dressed as women or women dressed as men are perverted freaks in need of thorazine?
    Catholics will never win a single battle as long as the terms given to us by the enemy are employed….you know, like the word ‘gay’. Gay was always defined as happy or carefree. Gay doesn’t describe sodomy or sodomites.

    • It’s not the CIA.
      It’s that boycotts live on an emotional wave which, sooner or later, ebbs.
      We live in an age of easy slogans and easy emotions. The next emotion is certainly behind the corner. Then Target will be forgotten.

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