Fighting Evil With Evil?




And it came to pass that the “bidding prayers” (if they are called that way) at the friendly NO parish near you contained a sort of appeal for people who follow the religions of Abraham to fight “evil” together. Now, “evil” certainly meant here the things all those religions (the true one and the false ones) oppose: abortion, perversion, euthanasia, and the like. It is also undoubtedly true that in Countries like the UK certain things can only be achieved if Christians and Infidels fight together (the famous example is a definition of “hate publication” that would have included the Bible and the Koran, a definition then expunged from the legislative text).

However, I cannot avoid alarm bells starting to ring whenever I hear anyone, the more so a priest, in any way engendering this idea that Islam and Judaism are somewhat good in themselves, at least by association with the goodness of Christianity. Whatever goodness there is in these false religion is Christ’s Goodness, not their own. Islam and Judaism are, in and of themselves, worth exactly nothing. Worse still: they deny Christ and are, therefore, objectively evil. And of the two, Islam is by far the worse one; then it came after Christ, and it is nothing but a grotesque, sensual, violent parody of the truth.  

Al Capone might have had some good feelings in himself. I am pretty sure he loved his mother, his wife and children, and probably even his dog. But you wouldn’t hear in church an appeal to fight together with a modern-day Al Capone for, say, the establishment of the new village park or children’s recreation zone.  Why? Because this modern-day Al Capone is evil even when he happens to do something good, that’s why.

We live in very confused times. The laymen who have “composed” the bidding prayer suffer of this common disease, good-ism; the priest who should keep them in check – and most certainly knows better – is too weak to speak out.

It is out of this huge sea of dung that Amoris Laetitia can grow and try to prosper.






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  1. Very Very good ! Especially the “huge sea” of dung … I like silent tsunamis growing, moving quietly, drowning everything in sight when they touch the shore and move on over the land.

    They are composed of corrupted words which the people swallow until they die. It’s more proper than dung. Well, dung is actually more descriptive …

    Yes, good to read ! Thank you!

  2. I forgot – that symbol of masonry is excellent.

  3. At my local parish they included “for peace in the Middle East” -‘for persecuted Christians’ might have been more appropriate, but that would have implied a criticism of Muslims. The diocese promotes on the diocesan web-ste!

  4. Ecumenism has ripped the heart out of Catholicism; As do the novel doctrines of religious liberty and collegiality. What part of “Go ye into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” do they not understand. How anybody in their right minds can equate Islam as a worthy religion is a mystery to me. And as for Nostra Aetate? I remember when the banal, Novus Ordo Mass first came into existence by the time the biding prayers were half way through I was nodding off. The Traditional Mass has the opposite affect.
    Al Capone was quite popular in his home town because he supplied soup kitchens. But then there were the concrete boots for other unfortunate souls.

  5. Well said, very simple yet very profound, “M”!

    Thanks much,

    George Brenner

  6. I’m amazed to find a post about this.I heard it too! This past Sunday at the friendly NO parish near me. TWO priests shake your hand in the vestibule as you leave. Double friendly.I went there because it was so cold, my knee was cranky, and I couldn’t get myself ready earlier in the AM. I punish myself. It really makes it hard to go at all! But I did. And I still can’t follow the NO Mass! I thought I heard it in the ‘prayers of the faithful’. I heard that phrase ‘Abrahamic religions’ and my bs detector went off. I didn’t even get the whole thing but I didn’t have to. That is the way to make the 3 religions co-equal, all in the same family. Who makes this stuff up? Apparently it is widely used. I don’t know where half the prayers on the NO come from! It turned out to be the same Gospel- The Transfiguration.
    The big announcement was about the Lenten fast & abstinence from meat was lifted for St Patrick’s Day. He did explain it was a Solemnity.
    Sorry I missed my traditional Latin Mass.

  7. Amoris Laetitia is the first step to test Jesus Christ’s teaching defenders who are obeyed and respected the teachings inspired by the Divine Spirit. If there is none or just a few opposing PF and the gang would go full speed to wreck the Church. Faggot and dyke marriages will be next, sodomite priests will be free to seduce the minors, female priests and deacons will be dancing with immodest clothes in front of the altar which is used as a stage. The mass will be deconsecrated and abolished. Hierarchy and clergy have to stand up now before too late. Those evils of misery and wretchedness knew exactly what’s they doing in misguiding the followers to the paths of errors, falsehood and destruction. Lord Jesus, please stop those evils.

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