Meet Cardinal Scola, Sycophant On Steroids


Cardinal Scola found the licking not tiring at all…


In the Age of the Kitten Cardinal you really don’t know whom to turn to. There is one (Scola), who would have been considered a more than passable choice (as V II Cardinals go) in 2013. Well, not really. 

The same Cardinal  kitten is now on record with saying that Francis was a salutary blow to the stomach for the Church. 

Words fail. The sycophancy is mind blowing.This is one who missed the train in 2013 and is now ready to do absolutely everything in order not to miss the next one. Prompt comes the reassurance to the ever growing ranks of the FrancisCardinals: “Pick me, gentlemen. I am innocuous, reassuringly middle-of-the-way, and will lick every boot there is to lick to become Pope”. 

I fear for the old bastard that his train has left the platform for good. Francis will polarise the ranks of the Cardinals, and at the end of the exercise there will be no place for middle-of-the-road boot lickers. More likely, it will be either another FrancisCardinal (Tagle, Schoenborn, Maradiaga) or the result of a silent Revolt of the Kitten, a man considered “conservative” in V II circles: one like Piacenza, or Pell, or Mueller.

Poor Cardinal Scola. All that licking utterly in vain…  

When Francis kicks the bucket, the Church will wake up with a huge hangover. The Cardinals will then have to choose between sobriety and alcoholism. I very much doubt they will pick a vocal vodka fan.






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  1. Is Francis ill? Is his one lung giving out? Never see him using O2, and, he keeps a rigorous schedule for a man in that condition. His color is always good, too. No cyanosis …

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