Faggotry On Steroids. In Church.


Courtesy of Vox Cantoris, this appalling video of a clearly homosexual priest “dancing” in the church as he goes around caressing people (a lot of them, men). The thing is so revolting I could not stand it to the end, but I still want this horror to be posted on my blog as a further testimony against this damn faggot, and his enablers, the day he dies.

The stink of reprobation is so strong one can not even stand the spectacle. The church itself is so deprived of Catholic ornaments you would think it is a Methodist prayer hall. The stupid people applaud at the end.

No one slaps the fag in the face, either, as he approaches to “caress” him; another clear sign the public of this shameful “spectacle” was carefully selected among a collection of unrepentant fornicators, adulterers, perverts, and their “supportive” relatives.

Dies irae, dies illaOne must be really stupid to think that God: a) exists, and b) will not punish everyone of the present in the harshest way. These people have made an alternative religion for themselves. They must like Francis a lot. Methinks, they will keep him company one day. 

Oh, I almost forgot. 

Dear Lord, when the time comes please, in your charity, be particularly harsh with the sisters, who have chosen to wear their habit in a particularly despicable act of deception.




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  1. typical needy, look at me look at me! He looks a fool.

  2. One might also say they ‘have made an alternative religion OF themselves’. I’ too, had to turn it off early. I lasted just over one minute and that was too much. Actually, it is hard to see anything right at all in that little film. And exactly what was the purpose of it? To showcase the friar’s clumsy and questionable talents?

    • This is a faggot who would have wanted to become a dancer, and chose to become a priest because he knows he will find people like him.

  3. I’ve read lots about Padre Pio. I don’t think he did this.
    If it weren’t for his knees perhaps Pope Francis?

  4. blueskirtwaltz

    I had to wash my eyes out with acid!

  5. I’m speechless. However, how do we know the dancer is a priest and the women in habits are nuns?

    That cartwheel while wearing a Franciscan (?) robe is quite a trick. American gymnasts can’t do that unless they are wearing very little.

    If these are real religious in a Catholic Church, the performance is hideous. But how do we know?

    • It seems clear that is a church. Things are what they appear to be unless there is evidence that they aren’t.
      How do we know Trump has not died and been substituted by a professional actor?

  6. I could not look at this diabolical claptrap any longer than you, I should think. It sums up just about everything that I hate about the Novus Ordo cult that has contaminated the Church. I expect Satan is laughing up his sleeve at this attempt by a feminised, so sad to say Franciscan brother, who no doubt would like to be a sister. If he could dance it might of helped. Maybe he should of watched an old video of Pan’s People; or maybe he did. What a plonker. Whoops sorry Lord!

  7. I have to wonder if this isn’t simply “organic development” of the New Mass.

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