Beware Of Selective Orthodoxy



A Sicilian priest, Don Minutella, who broadcasts through a Catholic radio called radio domina nostra, has launched a scathing attack to Pope Francis and has invited to a manifestation against FrancisChurch. The event will take place on Saturday, 22 April, in Verona. 

“Good guy!”, you will say. Well, yes and no. 

I believe, like Riscossa Cristiana, that the man is in good faith; actually, you can’t listen to the Italian video without realising very fast that there is nothing deceitful in this man. However, like Riscossa Cristiana, I do not think those on the right side of Catholicism (that is, obviously, Traditionalism) should support a priest (brave as he certainly is; he openly states he is awaiting canonical sanctions, and insults Francis without any problem nevertheless) that in the end is just another part of the same poisoned cake called Vatican II.

Alas, Don Minutella is Vatican II through and through. Not only he thinks that the likes of John Paul II and Benedict are the solution, rather than the problem, but he even criticises Traditionalism. Now, this is where I personally draw a line.

You want my support even if you are a V II fanboy, fine. I support Cardinal Burke (if he had the guts) criticising the Pope even if he is a V II man. But when I get called “extremist fringe of supertraditionalist”, that’s where my support ends. 

We should not support this kind of half-blind orthodoxy. We do not need people who condemn the heresies of Pope Francis and think Bergoglio has fallen on the papacy out of absolutely nothing. We can do without any priest, however well- intentioned, who calls us to rally around him and talks about the “extraordinary gift of the Second Vatican Council”. It is akin to fighting against Stalin, but for Communism. 

Of course, the more people criticise Francis, the better. However, this does not mean that sound, Traditionalist Catholics should support this invitation to keep supporting heresy so that heresy may be defeated. And in fact, if you support this guy you support exactly the problem that gave us Bergoglio.

Not only Bergoglio must be eradicated, but the entire V II ideology must be eradicated with it. Unless and until this happens we will keep having more Bergoglios, because Francis is merely the (provisional) end of a slippery slope that must lead from heresy to heresy and from confusion to confusion. 

Let V II supporters criticise V II supporters. Let them tear apart each other in the name of different interpretations of what is fundamentally wrong. 

V II is rotten to the core. Therefore, no matter how orthodox one tries to be, rot is what will come out of it.

We, the sound Catholics, do not help rot to survive so that no worse rot may happen.

Don Menichella appears well-intentioned to me. He appears also fully resigned to whatever persecution will fall upon him (and it will). However, you should not give any support to people who criticise you for criticising V II. 

Don Menichella wants to live of V II.

Let him die of it.  






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  1. Yes, Modernism and Vatican II are the real problem. Both the work of the devil who insinuates himself by advocating apparent good.

  2. M, your insight is awesome! DJT has had some very closed thoughts like you during A-Exclusive Interview with CNN Don Persiflage on March 12, 2017:

    “Don: You could solve all of the problems in the Church in your spare time being President?

    Trump: Don, I can have this charted out at Mara Lago on a golf scorecard in the time I’ll save by skipping the correspondent’s dinner. I already spelled it out in my declaration speech. First you get rid of Vatican II, which was a complete disaster by the way. Your network won’t admit it’s a disaster but it is. Then you repeal and replace the Novus Ordo. You disband the bishop’s conferences. You bring back the Holy Office and the Index. You knock the Hell out of the modernists. You clean up the seminaries, bring back the big beautiful altar rails. I can do this all in week one through Motu Proprios, Don. At that point I can replace the College of Cardinals with Trads and go play golf.”
    God bless.

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