Never Tire Of Winning: Justice Neil Gorsuch And The Future Of The Supreme Court

Folks, things are going fine.

Read here a detailed report about the exemplary behaviour of justice Neil Gorsuch in his first month at the Supreme Court. You could not wish for better reassurance.

Stop for a moment now, and think what a threat to the entire Western Civilisation we would have been witnessing now if Hitlery had been elected, and had managed to have someone in the mould of the lesbian Kagan appointed. Not impossible to do at all, with 48 votes assured and no scarcity of RINO sellouts.

The appointment of Gorsuch alone is, quite likely, the defining moment of Trump's first term. More important than even the wall. I can only hope and pray that Kennedy decides to announce his retirement next month (as widely rumoured), and I am confident Trump would give us another candidate just as good: an event, this, also extremely important as it would tip the scale in favour of sanity for a long time. Kennedy proved a solemn disappointment, and I am sure the Gipper has rolled in his tomb many times.

If you really want to dream, I authorise you to wonder about the health of Bader Ginsburg, the now 84 years old non-observant liberal Jewess (I wonder how you can have better credentials as a hater of Christian societies and institutions).

Not wishing her death, of course.

God forbid.

Perish the thought.

She can always retire. But at 84 and expecting two terms for Trump I think the old woman will need a certain amount of stamina to make it through 2023 (expect no appointment if she dies in the election year).

Trump's victory already gave us a huge gift in the form of Gorsuch. More may happen. Actually, it is not unthinkable at all that Trump will appoint three judges during his first term alone. That would be more winning, and even more winning.

Never tire of winning. Never tire of thanking God that Hitlery didn't make it. Enjoy the awful lot that you already have and push together with Donald Trump to enjoy what you don't have yet.

It will not be all roses. But in comparison to a Clinton win it will look like the Garden of Eden every single day.



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  1. Anything that smashes the legacy of the mulatto fiend is reason to give thanks.

  2. I am not cheering for Trump right now after learning that the first country he will be visiting as President is . . . Saudi Barbaria. Next is Israel and finally, the Vatican. This reveals the priorities of the man. Christians, last.

  3. Every time I hear ‘conservatives’ complain about President Trump ‘giving in’ or ‘not doing enough’, I remind them of the alternative: we and the rest of the world could be suffering under Hillary Clinton at this very moment! And I thank God daily for the president, and pray for his safety and the safety of his family, in my Rosary. We must pray daily for him—I am so aware, maybe because of my liberal west coast home, of what was at stake in the election. And we are still standing at the edge of the abyss. Thank you for reminding us of the history that is unfolding before us! It is important that we remember this every day, and thank God for it.

  4. I think you are being a bit too optimistic regarding Trump and Gorsuch on religious freedom; both of them are accepting of the gay lifestyle and even gay marriage.
    Here is a recent Supreme court ruling:

    • I think you are a bit pessimistic.
      Firstly, Gorsuch merely avoids the catastrophe, but keeps us in the same position that gave us Obergefell.
      Gorsuch is wonderful defence when there was the danger of being overrun by the enemy, but we need another appointment to move to the offensive. Defeating the Blitz is not yet the D-day.
      However, look at the age of the three oldest judges, and think of how probable it is that they will keep on going another seven years. I am clearly banking on a Trump victory in 2020 with a stronger majority in the Senate in 2018.
      They will keep dying or retiring. We will keep winning.

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