Francis: Making America Great Again One Visit At A Time

A picture that says it all

Pope Francis heaped insults on Donald Trump when… he thought he would lose.

Sadly for him, Donald Trump won. Bergoglio, who is just as good at bullying the weak as he is incapable of opposing the strong, had to readjust to reality and decide whether he wanted to part of the “resistance” (outing himself as a damn Sixty-Eighter for the last of Cathokic Trump voters, who are an awful lot) or limit himself to the useful trite common place that do not frontally attack anyone of the really powerful and popular.

Trump, on the other hand, keeps being his usual self. Trump would screw someone multiple times whilst smiling telling the world what a wonderful person the screwed one is. He has done it with Romney, he is doing it with Francis. Today we had another example: Trump beaming, Francis grumpy. It was clear who of the two has bent the other to doing what he has to do.

The Wall with come. Francis will look and whine, but the Wall will still come. Trump will sport a radiant smile as he swears how much he likes the Francis, and forces everyone to acknowledge him as the POTUS and just live with it. It will be mighty fine to watch. Today, Francis has contributed to make America great again by being too cowardly to risk an open confrontation with Trump.

But again, this is what the man always does. A bit of pressure, and he will cave in. No pressure, and he will eat you alive.

A last word about the gifts. Trump to Francis: Martin Luther King. Francis to Trump: (as always) his own crappy writings. Francis is so full of himself he thinks he is the best thing anyone could read.

What a humble Pope we have.



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  1. The looks on the faces say it all.

  2. I really like the altar veils!

  3. q,But again, this is what the man always does. A bit of pressure, and he will cave in. No pressure, and he will eat you alive.
    All it takes for evil to succeed is that decent men do nothing.

    q,Francis to Trump: (as always) his own crappy writings.
    How can he not perceive how bad this looks, he doesn’t seem to self-reflect, he’s gone completely off the rails. This man is such a socialist even common courtesy escapes him. That would be like if Trump gave him ‘The Art of the Deal’.

    Why must this destroyer tarnish the good name of St. Francis, surely the saint will be vindicated in the end? SURELY!

  4. Well look at that. Pope Pickle Face seems to lack joy. Apparently his closed in rigidity is making him resist the God of Surprises!

  5. Trump knows much more about Catholicism and has done a lot for the Church than this evil clown, heretical pope. Please God, remove this false prophet forever.

  6. I love this picture ! The ladies are more respectful of tradition than the pope himself. As Trump would say – sad.

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