At Least Be Coherent

anger control

Megabitch’s slogan

Those of you who have been reading me for a while know my rules about commenting. My comment box is my living room. Everything you write there has been told to me, personally, in my own home. Write one insulting comment and I will kick you out of my own home and never allow you back. Life is too short for idiots and boors.

The result of this is a constant stream of people who land in my spam folder. Some of them, poor souls, with their very first message, and one truly wonders about their habits of interaction with people. Tough luck, boy or girl. You will not have a second occasion to make a good first impression.

Every now and then I look at the long list of recent spam messages (they get automatically deleted after a while), just for the fun of it.

This morning I scrolled down the spam column to see whether some new insults had been coined for me in the meantime. There was a woman who had managed to get banned with her first message. Besides calling me a vast collection of insults (“scum” comes to mind) she was so smart as to write “I am UNSUBSCRIBING!”, as if this, in her mind, momentously shouted decision had any chance of even appearing on my radar screen.

I remembered this comment, as it was the one who let me instantly decide “away with the bitch”. However, the spam list also showed two more messages with pretty much the same (though less extensive) collection of insults sent in the following days.

Stupid woman. When you insult me and say you are doing something, at least do it! To unsubscribe and then keep reading me is just plain dumb! 

I am, therefore, writing this blog post not only for all candidates to be put in my spam list (be my guest, darlings; though I can’t promise I will read your messages to the end), but specifically for that bitch (no name as these people love to read their moniker on the internet; but she knows who she is) who wrote the above mentioned comments. 

Be coherent. At least be a bitch who does what she said she would. Don’t be a bitch who can’t even stay away from people she hates.

I despise you. You are not worthy of reading my blog. I consider my blog sullied by every click of people who hate me and are so attracted by my blog post that they can’t stay away from them. Stupid children.

At least be an adult and when you say you would stay away from me, do it and that’s the end of it. I do not want to be read by the likes of you. 

There. It had to be said.

Lest some people should think that I am getting soft in my old age. 


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  1. Well said and most appropriate Mundabor. We don’t need folks stinking up the place with insults and lies.

  2. I don’t know, Mr. M. I remember back when you were edgier. (Maybe it’s the Francis effect.)

  3. Tell them like it is Mundabor. Love it!

  4. johnfkennedy63

    I like your image for your post. I feel your pain. You may also like this old Calvin and Hobbes strip where in Calvin has a revelation about Life.

  5. She is probably one of those sanctimonious, sin-reaffirming (lest someone should accuse them of being “judgemental” which is really about applying discernment, well-informed judgement in everything we think, do and say, so tat we can reject evil and error) smiling snakes. Group hugs, moral relativism, utter immorality and stupidity. She was probably indoctrinated in one of our glorious universities which have been successfully producing morons by rejecting reason and objective truth. And she can probably not see that no Catholic can possibly accept that, because in the beginning there was Logos. She has a faith – that in her moral superiority, one that allows her (or demands of her) to punch a Nazi. A Nazi is everyone who disagrees with her.

    I bet she loves to love everything, including evil clowns and proudly parading sodomites, and she hates wisdom, goodness and truth – with a passion and murder in the eyes.

  6. johnfkennedy63

    Sorry, my reference was not plain to you. “I feel your pain” was a reference to BJ Clinton, who would say it or something very close to it in order to pretend to the public that he was sympathetic to them. While he wasn’t genuine, I do indeed identify greatly with your posted slogan. Actually I have another slogan, as my avatar image might suggest, “Be Prepared.”

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