Three Years In Front Of The Mainstream

The Italian philosopher Marcello Pera has launched a rather fitting attack on the Evil Clown. Please follow the link and read all the details.

I thought this interesting, because Pera's words are very, very similar – and identical in context and harshness – to the ones used by your humble correspondent these last four years.

It is a matter of not little satisfaction, for someone insulted for so long and by so many, to discover that he, actually, got Francis right from the start, and drew the consequences from what Francis insisted in doing and saying much sooner than most others – I was in very, very small company years ago; but thankfully I wasn't the only one by any means – and using the same chosen words other use now.

Also for me speaks the fact that I gave the man the benefit of the doubt, and made a honest effort to find the good in him. Alas, the vulgarity and shameless demagoguery of the man soon forced me to decide that there wasn't much good to be found in him.

You read this little Italian blogger in 2014 and you find what Italian philosophers will say in 2017.

Three years in front of the mainstream.

Boy, this is what I call blogging 😉



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  1. For those of us with the advantage of hindsight for being familiar with him in Argentina, we have been at least a decade in front of the mainstream. Even though evil Homogoglio was somehow more measured and restrained because he had some semi-Catholic adult supervision while a bishop, he was showing his true colors all the way and displaying his ruthless hate of everything with a trace content of catholicism. Once he became the top dog (or bitch), there were no boundaries for the behavior of the vulgar old man and it became apostasy run amok!

  2. Mundabor, you have indeed been ahead of the game in recognizing and alerting us to the abnormalities of this pope, and the disgustingly evil actions of many of his underlings. I also believe it will take a Divine Intervention to restore the Church to Her former glory. Your honest, direct, and clear writing is a consolation and an inspiration to many of us to not give up hope no matter how bad it gets. Thank you for what you do. Hail Mary’s coming your way!

  3. Mundabor, you are uncompromising in you dedication to the Faith, intelligent and witty. Very likeable,
    But to see this Clown as a stupid destroyer and demagogue has been easy, unless… God allowed for a total eclipse of one’s reason – and He did, and He does, in billions of people.

    It makes our lives challenging. I am often really upset and sad, and you? – You are… a sunny boy! God bless you, and may you have a long life, so you can take on the next one to come. It is going to get really tough, save a miracle.

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