Emeritusgate: Mundabor On The Side Of Schönborn

I never thought I would write this but yes: I side with Schoenborn on the Emeritus matter.

How anyone can believe that the Emeritus is not deeply, deeply embedded in the V II tragedy just because he preferred a slightly more conservative version of it is beyond me. Ratzinger/Benedict has always been V II through and through.

Now, it is impossible to a sound Catholic to see the Church as a boat nearing capsizing without understanding that V II is at the root of the problem. But the followers of V II are not sound Catholics. They believe, to a bigger or lesser extent, that the Holy Ghost guided the Church to a change. They only differ in the estimation of the extent of it. Benedict is no exception at all.

The Emeritus refused to reconcile with the SSPX unless they accept the principles of V II. Therefore, the Emeritus thinks that V II with its novelties is an indispensable part of what the Church is. As a consequence, the man is squarely on the side of the “innovators”, and – as his recent interviews also show – correctly recognises that the gulf between traditionalists and Modernists is far bigger than any difference of degree in Modernism.

People must start to understand that not only Benedict is part of the problem, but he is deeply committed to it.

He will only throw a hint of criticism here and there, every now and then, in order to get an easy applause from not very attentive “conservative” Catholics.


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  1. “The Emeritus refused to reconcile with the SSPX unless they accept the principles of V II. ”

    Of course he couldn’t, even if he wanted to. The reason being that VII was a legitimate Church Council, attended by the bishops of the world together with the Pope. To invalidate VII just to accommodate SSPX is unreasonable.

    • Councils have been invalidated in the past. And they have been invalidated because wrong, not to accommodate the SSPX. Besides, the SSPX isn’t asking even that.

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