Words Mean What They Say

Imagine this: you have the parish priest visiting your home (I know, I know; but humour me here…). You ask Father to bless your home and family. Father then proceeds to say a blessing prayer, asking God to bless all the world's families and their homes.

I don't think you would be very happy. Actually, I do not think that you would say that the priest has asked the Lord to bless your home and your family. I note here that, once upon a time, most Italian families had a small frame hanging on the wall, with the words: “Signore, benedici questa casa”.

Questa casa, this home. Not ogni casa, every home. You want the Lord to bless you and yours, because you and yours are, to you, justifiably special.

Now, I have never seen a frame on the wall saying: “Lord, bless every home”. Nor have I ever seen a Catholic priest who, upon being asked to say a blessing upon one home and family, proceeds to ask the Lord to bless every home and every family.

Do I make sense here? Is this not the most obvious common sense?




Why, then, it should be said that, once the Blessed Birgin asked to consecrate Russia to her, the consecration of the entire world should be considered the fulfilment of that request?

Words mean what they say.

This home means this home.

Russia means Russia.

All the rest is Jesuitism.



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  1. Excellent point.
    You know, it would be an interesting thing for this pope to do the consecration. I would not say it would not be done by him, all things considered. Here’s why.

    On Tuesdays and every third Thursday of the month, he says or does something Catholic. Granted, this is to throw us off, and assure the neo-Caths that we are indeed, still Catholic, but still, you can see the vestiges of Catholicism every so often.

    Even if he doesn’t believe one iota of it, if he did the consecration it would bring him great attention, current publicity, get people talking, and stir up some religious lio. Sure, sure, the neo-Caths would say oh, why are doing this, this is embarrassing, are we in the Middle Ages, and the downside for him is the traddies would be happy, but who cares, it fulfills the periodic Catholic stuff for a while, so there is that much less Catholic stuff you need to say on the next Tuesday.
    Seriously, I could see him doing it. If St. John XXIII and St. John Paul could be accomplished, the beatification of Jacinta and Francisco, why not?

    Let’s face it, this would get some attention. I wish he would do it. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain from it.

  2. About the ‘word’s meaning’ spoken,… check this (RV). From the audience of this day:

    “God wants from us — while we are on the road and are attentive to the reality of life — to be able to dream, like Him and with Him. To dream about a different world. If the dream cease — dream it again — returning with hope to the original memories…”

    Vatican Radio, Croatian (full speech): http://hr.radiovaticana.va/news/2017/08/30/papa_isus_nam_donosi_radost_i_novu_nadu/1333574
    Vatican Radio, Polish (full speech): http://pl.radiovaticana.va/news/2017/08/30/audiencja_ogólna_–_podtrzymujmy_żar_spotkania_z_jezusem/1333656
    Vatican Radio, English – (where, this part of the same speech about ‘God dreamer – has been cut!): http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2017/08/30/pope_francis_appeals_for_day_of_prayer_for_care_of_creation/1333578
    I’ve not checked other languages, but the squishy language as the censorship is now obviously the main business over there. Dr. Goebels must be jealous!

    Besides, Our Lord is not a dreamer!
    In addition, the faithful ones are taught, and know that we must not indulge in any dreaming, about anything, but rather counter that – we must be awake and alert! To be fully prepared for the coming of the Master, our Lord and God Jesus Christ!

  3. From every housetop, or home, let the cry go forth! Russia, please.

  4. Precisely Mundabor. Last I heard, Russia means Russia. Not difficult really.

  5. As always, he rarely talks about anything but the immanent world and his Modernist/Jesuitical fantasy of human perfectibility. And on the few occasions he does say anything remotely resembling recognition of the supernatural, he gets it wrong.

  6. PF has no ability or guts to do differently from NWO’s agenda; If he did he would be terminated immediately. Remember Blessed Mary is the one God gives the power to crush Satan, NWO’s boss. She will cleanse the Church soon. Keep praying.

  7. ilovevictoriasbows

    After the priest’s blessing, hand him an envelope with a penny in it for the church. Tell him to get the rest from the world.

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