Chile: Francis’ Epic Fail

Epic Fail

This is the astonishing picture of the epic failure of Francis in Chile.

Who is interested in an old, lewd, bitter ass spouting sugary nonsense or socialist drivel every time he opens that stupid mouth of his?

Who has any respect for someone constantly sabotaging the Sacraments?

When will the Vatican (and the endless choir of sycophants constantly licking his booths) admit that this old, lurid scoundrel not only does not attract, but positively repels the faithful?

This man is an embarrassment not only for the Church as a whole, but even to those who support his destructive agenda. Too vulgar, too lewd, too grumpy, too short-tempered to keep the lie of the “humble Pope” going.

The more he keeps traveling, the more we will see pictures like this one, which will couple well with the one of a more and more deserted Saint peter Square at home.

If you put a white cassock on an ass, don’t be surprised if after a while no one is interested in the show. 




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  1. That last poor showing in Chile probably convinced Frankie that he needed a PR jolt for himself….hence the papal “marriage” on the flight home. Way to go, dude, trivializing the Sacrament of Marriage all for the sake of your popularity and image.

  2. I never thought it would be in my lifetime that I would see with my own eyes the complete fulfillment are the Prophecies of Our Lady of La Salette.

  3. I wonder how many are actually bussed in “rent-a-crowds”. It seems that the closer Francis gets to his homeland, the less the people like him. In Chile, he did himself no favors by mishandling the Bishop Barros situation with his typical stubbornness. In five years, he has yet to set foot in Argentina. Maybe he’s afraid they will throw more than newspapers at him.

  4. Thank you God for revealing truth of this man.

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