Snarkistissimo, or: Grow Some Balls, And Learn Some “Snarky”

Good Lord, the latest incurably nice blogger has accused Canon 212’s Frank Walker of being “snarky”.

Boy, that calls for the confessional…

Let us look around us, shall we?

Not even the Our Father is safe from the Modernist attack of a damn Commie envious of all those who have achieved something in life without scrounging an existence from people they hate (like Bergoglio clearly did); there is no Sacrament free from attack from the inside; the Seal of Confession is under threat and we have a Pope worrying to import as many Muslims in the West as fast as possible; we have a Pope going around spitting heresies and stupid SJW propaganda day in and day out; countless bishops and many Cardinals are being appointed that will perpetuate (bar a Divine intervention) the mess and make it worse….

And in all this, it would be bad to be “snarky”.

Mr Walker, if you want to hear my advice:

Be snarky.

Be snarkier!

Be (and I claim the copyright on this) Snarkistissimo!!

These times do not call for nice reflections on the difficulty of the situation. They call for the utter shaming of all corrupted and infidel clergy and laity, with whatever means language affords.

Enough with the apostles of niceness. I always suspect they were (if they are US citizen) too nice to vote for Trump.

Niceness is the poison of modern times. It ensures the enemy never gets attacked effectively, and always gets the upper hand when they whine and call us names; which we counter, of course, by apologising and being “nice”; and the cycle goes on because your enemy really doesn’t care that you are nice.

Niceness is not a religion. Niceness isn’t even a moral obligation. Niceness is merely an option. Our Lord wasn’t nice to the money changers, or to the Pharisees. John The Baptist must, in his public utterances, have been “nice” fairly rarely. Padre Pio was famously short-tempered.

For heaven’s sake, let us get rid of this disease of niceness as the only acceptable standard once and for all.

I am nice to people who either deserve my niceness, or who have done nothing to have it withdrawn. Failing that, it’s the end of niceness, and the guy on the other side notices it very fast.

Enough with this niceness obsession. This is an Anglo thing anyway. In more southern climates the communication is way more direct, and no one cries in horror.

These Anglo Countries seem to take as the model of communication the most effeminate category of people I know: Anglican (Mickey Mouse) priests.

For heaven’s sake: grow some balls, and learn some “snarky”.





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  1. The “niceness” you mention is not niceness at all. It is cowardly and smarmy***.
    Frank Walker is something of a junk yard dog and needs to be. He— and Mundabor, too– are protecting the truth of the Catholic Church from robbers and thieves often in the clergy. Barking and biting at least lets others know the problems in the Catholic Church are deadly serious.
    We should all support and pray for Frank Walker, Mundabor and others who are protecting our Traditional Catholic faith. It would be “nice” if they got a little help from those whose official job it is to be our Shepherds and guardians of our faith.
    ***a sleazy, sneaky, sweaty, unscrupulous person

  2. Etymology of nice
    From Middle English nyce, nice, nys, borrowed from Old French nice, niche, nisce (“simple, foolish, ignorant”), from Latin nescius (“ignorant, not knowing”); compare nescire (“to know not, be ignorant of”), from ne (“not”) + scire (“to know”).
    still has the same meaning it would seem

  3. Snarknado!

  4. I call it being salty…adds flavor and preserves the product.

  5. William Marshall

    Outstanding commentary. 100% correct.

  6. Ratiocinations

    You are, perhaps, still too restrained in your righteous indignation.
    Your and my ancestors, during centuries long ago, would have strapped on their swords and mounted their steeds to ride to these chanceries, and to Rome, to cast forth these corrupt and counterfeit shepherds naked into the wilderness to fend for themselves among real wolves, serpents and bears.
    I fear we, on the other hand, have become gelded by the modern state’s shallow veneer of civility and lost our spiritual virility.

  7. Hey Mundy,
    I like your snarkiness.
    One minor observation: one cannot “grow balls.”
    Not so sure that they’re even available as transplants….
    Right on for the cause and leave the gonadless out of it.
    Yours truly,

  8. Jakob Sprenger

    In the absence of actual arguments, they can always attack him for being mean.

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