Amazonian Savagery

The intrumentum laboris for the Amazonian synod is out, and it atrocious. Married priest as the de facto standard option are in the cards.

Now, occasionally there have always been married priest. If an Anglian so-called vicar converts to Catholicism and receives the Holy Orders, there you have your married priest. But this was always meant to be the exception, with priestly celibacy as the time-honoured and, at this point, sacrosanct standard case.

The Amazonian Synod clearly wants to introduce the standard of the married priests through the Amazonian back door: start first with a remote region where – you say – is it difficult to find priests (is it? When has a strong Church believing in Catholicism lacked brave missionaries?) and then allow this new praxis to extend to the other region courtesy of corrupted, faithless bishops.

This is clearly what this Amazonian stuff was meant to be from day one: a backdoor, the proverbial (alleged extreme case to make very real bad laws.

We thank for this not only the Evil Clown and his evil minions. We thank for this all those Bishops and Cardinals who think that waiting for Francis’ death is the best, most “prudent” course of action, and all those faithful of little faith who actually side with the hierarchy as they do nothing but faintly meowing every now and then.

This kind of evil could not happen with only one evil man. The main culprit has been aided and abetted, for years, by the ” prudent” behaviour of all those – be they clerics or laymen – who have let this happen without demanding that the problem be removed, thinking that time alone would cure all ills.

Enjoy the married priests, then, dear “prudent” faithful of little faith.

You have helped to make it happen.

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  1. Just a cursory glance at this debacle of the Amazon, it is so far past anything resembling Catholicism and in fact is a finger in the air to Catholicism, bringing in cannibals and savages, fawning over their paganism, and using this to bring in married priests? I mean, these people are cruel polygamists for Pete’s sake. This is a joke, an utter joke, but the joke’s on us. I am going to write a letter to my bishop for no reason other than to get it off my chest, for God’s sake do something about this diabolical man. Are we sure he is not the Anti-Christ? For sure he is the False Prophet Forerunner if not the Anti-Christ. How much more destruction do we need to see. He goes to the land of witches and demons and declares they are the true Catholics practicing Catholicism. God what a sadist this man is. He’s enjoying every minute of this, dragging Christ into the mud, wringing the necks of faithful Catholics like chickens, bringing violent invaders into the West, laying waste to Christendom.
    I really cannot imagine what he will think of next, no doubt it’s already in the planning stage, openly homosexual married priests, will it become mandatory?
    God deliver us from this human plague soon.

    • Kate, do you think your “bishop” will respond? I put his position into inverted commas, as I strongly doubt he will have the guts to do anything and that ánything”includes a response to you. Leave it upto God. God bless.

  2. Yes, prudence becomes cowardice when fear overcomes courage.

  3. catholictradition2

    The end of the purity of the priesthood whereby we receive salvation through the sacraments. Even more atrocious will some transgender-supporting bishop attempt to ordain women
    posing as men? If they have no scruples about doing the same for sodomites?

    • We have to be ready to become priests ourselves. As children of Light we are called to do just that. What else if the salt became rotten?

    • Not clear what you mean. You can’t be a priest to yourself. We are not Protestants.

    • catholictradition2

      The laity must insist their priests be priests like Christ. But we cwnnot take on their role, this is contrary to the will of Christ.

  4. Yes married priests were allowed in special circumstance but once ordained they were expected to be permanently continent with their wives. You can’t be espoused to two people at once and priestly celibacy goes back to Apostolic times. Yes, the apostles were married but they left their wives and families to follow Christ. I think it’s Cardinal Stickler who wrote a book on this called “The Case for Clerical Celibacy,” God bless~

    • I don’t know what you mean by continent: chaste or abstinent? If a 55 years old Anglican becomes a priest he is certainly not obliged to abstain from intercourse with his wife. But again, these are rare cases.

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