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Cardinal Cat Meows Again

And it came to pass Cardinal Burke and a couple of others released a statement repeating some obvious truths of the Church, but stopping short once again of doing what they have to do: condemn the Pope’s statements as heretical, and pose him in front of the choice between recanting those statements or being accused of pertinacious heresy.

If a teacher goes around saying that two and two is five, it does not help much if another teacher confirms that it is four. This, people know by themselves easily enough. The problem, in this case, is exactly that the teacher cannot count.

Burke & Co. keep going around the problem, and refusing to see it.

A Penny Catechism can be had for very little money. Cardinals should do more than repeating it.

The duty of Burke and the other Cardinals is to address the problem of a heretical Pope , not merely make the right noises.

Once again, it seems to me that Cardinal Burke is adopting a strategy that gives him the maximum of visibility with the minimum of risk. Not only does he fall way short of the mark. He also falls short of the standard he himself set when he first released the Dubia.

From those who appear more Catholic it is expected more. From those who wet their lips (and make themselves beautiful for it) it is expected that they whistle. From those who say they would act it is expected that they do exactly that.

What we have here, unfortunately, is merely more meowing.

In God We Trust

Image result for dollar bill in god we trust


Good news from the old U S of A.

Militant atheist have lost again. The words “in God we trust” may remain on US bills and coins.

Yes, dear, in God we Trust. Not in atheist busybodies wanting to purge every aspect of religious experience from our life, because they have death inside them.

Particularly sad is that, among the “petitioners”, there were nine children. Little souls (see what I am doing here?) conditioned to reject God from a very early age, and instrumentalised by their own bigoted parents into something they cannot well understand. But hey, who would be so cruel as to displease children?

I notice here that this extremists position is, in fact… the EU one. Our nannies in Brussels loathe every Christian expression in coins and banknotes, as our very dear brothers and sisters of the religion of peace could feel offended by it. They are doing exactly the same as the American bigots, but with the added PC slant.

As the United States keep having a common sense approach to basic life things, we in poor old Europe keep sliding towards, I am afraid, a bloody civil war one day.

And this is, my friends, because… we do not trust in God anymore.



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