Jeffrey Epstein: Suicide or Arkancide?

I am normally not given to conspiracy theories. But boy, this is another one who would have been a huge problem for the Clinton clan and is found dead.

Some people say this will make the prosecution slower. Other say the fact that there will be no due process against Epstein make make it easier to charge others. However, the star witness will clearly not be there anymore.

Even in the normal case (that Epstein really chose to commit suicide, rather than “being suicided”), it is shocking that a man on suicide watch was able to corrupt a number of people in order to get his way. I think all those involved should now be arrested and interrogated first.

Still, I cannot avoid thinking of Seth Rich, and I have a shiver down my spine.


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  1. Wonder how much interest the MSM will show? My guess is very little.

  2. If someone wrote the number of people around the Clinton’s who ended up dead, suicided, or got shot in the back (really!) it would be quite a number.
    Epstein tried to do this what, a week ago? And he still had bedsheets to get it done? Come on. Someone may well have been worried about him talking, no doubt he’d have a lot to say if he did.

  3. I’m still getting over Vince Foster. How can so much evidence be so ignored by so many for so long?

  4. My NSA under the DORD can confirm, it was Arkancide.

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