The Silver Lining

As we enter the stage of quasi-hysteria in the Coronavirus affair – there is no day in which the one or other concerned colleague does not ask me, and some actually phone expressly to ask, how my relatives in Italy are… Thank you mate, I appreciate…but relax, it’s not the Black Plague.. – I have noted a positive side effect of Covid-mania; a side effect which, hopefully, will bear fruits in the coming months and years.

The presence of a concrete event that, in fact, kills people, has caused the disappearance from the headlines – and from the people ‘s minds- of that most imagined of dangers, “man-made global warming”. It is as if, faced with a real issue, the entire planet had completely forgotten the fake one.

Now consider this: if the issue had anywhere the importance, in the mind of its proposers, that they keep saying it has, they should decry…. the Coronavirus as the real fake problem and utter distraction!

“What relevance does the only slightly anticipated death of up to 1% of the world population have” – they should cry from the rooftops – “when the impending catastrophe, which is only years ahead , will deprive not the 1% of some months, but the 100% of life as we know it, or of life altogether?”

This is what the environazi should be saying now, if they believed in their own rubbish. But they don’t, and therefore immediately forget the alleged greatest and most important issue of our times, and run to…. hoard toilet paper instead.

Who knows: perhaps, after all this has passed, a lot of people will learn to discern the real dangers – however rare – from the imaginary ones, and will get out of this as something resembling responsible adults, instead of the whining crybabies they have been up to now.

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  1. I’ve noticed people also stopped whining that their gender identities aren’t being respected.

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