The Socialist Troops Are About To Attack

I see the signs multiplying that the Left and the champagne-sipping Socialist troops are going to try to exploit this crisis to fundamentally reshape the West, particularly Western Europe.

No one in his right mind can suggest that 14, 16, 18 weeks of national lockdowns are anything near feasible, or sane. Heck, I have read around of “experts” simply stating that we might need a lockdown until a vaccine is found (this is up to 18 months). Boy, these people really hate working!

Look, this is bad. It truly is. I read the news from Italy every day, and, as you know because you read me , it is very realistic to think that 20,000 or more people have  already died of Coronavirus in Italy alone. It is right to do all that we reasonably can to mitigate the hit. It is certainly right to put in place a lockdown of two, three weeks as the preparation for the wave of ill patients are ramped up. But at some point, the action will have to be directed to the increase of ICU places, as our Countries starts to work again. 

To claim that all the West must be partially shut down (obviously, even during lockdown most of the economic activity continues, but for how long?) is just another way to say that we should profit from this to get rid of Capitalism, nationalise all the companies that go bust (all of them, at some point) and switch to a system where the “scientists” and the “experts” tell us what to do, how to live, what to think and, obviously, when to worship.

This is something that must be avoided at all cost, and I mean at all costs. No one in his right mind would say that 1%, or 0.5%, of the population is worth giving up our freedoms. If that had been the case, then it would have been perfectly sensible to surrender to the Soviet Union back then, against the promise that we would be allowed to live.

President Trump will, of course, not fall for the story. But Europe is different. Riddled with the Socialist Virus as it is, several Countries could abandon themselves to an orgy of assistance madness, either not thinking of the bill that will unavoidably come, or actually thinking clearly and accepting, or desiring, the consequences. Their politicians will do, as almost always, what guarantees their survival on the day.

The first thing that we need to do is to start realising that the “experts” opinions are:

  1. often wrong,
  2. often politically motivated, and
  3. cannot substitute political decisions.

I do not care one iota of when the “experts” tell me that it will be safe to go back to work. The decision is not, and should never be, theirs. The Country should come first.

If your Country is bombarded, you don’t surrender because some people are dying. You keep on fighting and you do what you can to alleviate the suffering.

Expect the BBC and other panic-mongering institutions to bombard us with “experts” saying we must destroy the Country. They would clearly love it, thinking that hey will actually come out stronger from the attempts at socialist utopia that will result.

Call your MP or write to him, and let him know that you want to care for the old, but not at the price of suicide for an entire Country.


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  1. After taking reasonable precautions (masks, social distancing, staying home if sick, etc) the country needs to get back to work and accept the deaths as collateral damage of maintaining a free and open economy.


    The above link helps us understand that a lack of the virtue of prudence got us where we are today.

    Panic and hysteria have gripped most in the West. Much evil abounds. In the diocese of Santa Fe the wicked bishop stripped a good priest of his faculties to say the Latin Mass or confer any of the sacraments.

  3. tyranny does not voluntarily reduce ..which is scary.

  4. As for only the old becoming critical, this below is an article from Croatian newspapers in which Croatian nurse working in ICU in Milan is talking about how things are there.

    You can read it via google translate, I will just put one excerpt (also translated via google translate). Note that this nurse is presented under her full name and surname, I checked – she has her personal facebook profile which more or less coincides with the information in the article, so it is less probable to be a fake. The excerpt is as follows:

    “We were interested in whether their patients in Intensive Care were elderly, chronic or oncological patients.

    – They aren’t. There are patients of all ages. The disease is clearly not choosing. Here by us now, attached to a respirator and in an induced coma are two men, 43 and 49, as well as a boy of 13 years. Fortunately, all of them are in pretty good condition and I think we will get them off the respirator soon. Otherwise, on average, a patient who needs a respirator is “plugged in” from seven to 14 days – Mirjana says.”

  5. Roberto Hope Sánchez Mejorada

    The annualized percentage of coronavirus deaths to total population in Italy is not greater than the annual percentage of auto fatalities to total population in my country. I have never considered ceasing to drive or ride automobiles because of those statistics, neither have I considered wearing gloves or a mask or stopped going to work at my almost 84 years of age for fear of the coronavirus.

    What I have abstained from for most of my life is watching television or letting myself be brainwashed into thinking the way the powerful want me to think

    There is some evil purpose behind all this hysterical fearmongering.

  6. I honestly have a PhD in mathematics. I work as associate proffesor at the University of Split teaching math. So, I don’t think it is probable that I don’t understand the concept of average. I would say that you don’t understand my point. The point is not the average age of the dead but the average age of the critical patients. While there is still enough respirators and young people who get critical can get the respirator, they do recover so they don’t count for the dead, and the average dead age is the one you mention. If the contagion spread quickely, which it would without the quarantene measures, there wouldn’t be enough respirators even for the younger and then they would also die. Then the average age of the dead would change. Your answer to that is is that younger patients rarely get critical and that the first italian patient who was 38 and Alexander Tschugguel in his twenties are outliers. Yet, this randomly chosen croatian nurse working in Milan says that out of three critical patients in their intensive unit all three are under 50. A bit too many outliers. I still say that I understand that the cure can not be more deadly then the disease and that we can not go too long in such lockdown as the economy would crush. But make sure that you really understand what is at stake when you advocate certain measures lest the future reality surprise you and then you cry. I understand the concept of the average, but you should understand that this pandemic proces is a dynamical one which means it changes through time as the parameters influencing it change.

    • I would say that your point was not well explained. Still, you are vastly, vastly exaggerating the number of young(er) people who are affected *in a serious way*, because of the anecdotal example of a nurse. The reality is clearly different. A new study published just now (I will write about this today if time allows) states that 25% of all populations in the entire province of Bergamo might already have been infected, so this is 25% of 1.1 million inhabitants. If the situation were anywhere near what you state, there is no amount of ICU places that would have spared Italy from a genocide, then we do not have that many, and we would see the average age of the dead rapidly decreasing already. The information I have is that the vast majority of the younger stay at home and recover, and that is that. The younger cases that needs ICU have preexisting conditions of some gravity. Otherwise, it’s business flu as usual.

  7. The commie Mayor De Blasio wants to PERMANENTLY close places of worship that resist the shutdown order. A decision dear to any Marxist heart:

  8. The lockdown is making out local police and politicians very very happy. They are prepared to crash the economy but not do enough testing and quarantine travellers.

    It will go very bad if it continues over a month. But that requires you have some wisdom. Our rulers lack this.

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