A Tale Of Two Women

I could not believe my eyes when I saw the video above and (in case you can’t play the video) Father Martina in the same screen as the “Fox News” writing.

Let us leave aside for the moment the fact that the people of Satan will take the side of Satan. The issue I have today is with those who give them a platform.

Why on earth is Fox News interviewing this effeminate tool in the first place?  

I would understand if MSNBC would do the same; but still after their liberal drift, Fox is supposed to represent (and still get their money from) a certain mindset, opposed to fake Catholicism, effeminacy, and monstrous deformation of Catholicism.

A liberal news outlet might think that this man (I am being generous here), having some official function within the Church, can speak for Her. But the likes of Fox News must know that this man cannot speak for Catholicism, whatever his official rank, and should have looked elsewhere for their interviewing needs.

Millions of people, out there, are either generically Catholic or non-Catholic Christians: is this face the one that Fax wants to present to them as speaking for Catholicism? have they done their research, even one bit, before inviting him? Why have they not looked for one of the thousands alternatives to present a different angle, from a local parish priest to a bishop to anybody else who is not this guy?

This, millions of casual lookers and generic Christians look at this and think that Catholics are, by and large, against the reopening of their churches. They also think that their average testosterone content have gone down dramatically in recent decades.

Fox, wake up.

This guy represents Catholicism like he represents manliness.

You should know better.


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  1. Yes, big mistake by Fox. If this is their idea of fair and balanced they screwed up badly.

  2. While this communist inspired corrupt creep is a true source of mockery (“clles is Saved” is a great archive of mockery) he is the voice of the catholic church (lower case on purpose in this case) on fox news.
    The latter, having changed ownership, in an attempt to both retain its viewer base and expand that base to the left has lost its focus and is more than willing to use leftist orators as regular contributors. This is no longer the “fair and balanced” or even the “you decide” media outlet, it has become another “here is your opinion, that’s what the ‘o’ stands for,” channel.

  3. Angela Malek

    I’m not surprised by Fox’s decision at all. They are owned by the Murdochs who are liberal, Hillary supporting Dems. They allow a few conservatives such as Hannity and Laura Ingramson, then at critical moments turn toward the NWO narrative. Remember when they called California several hours before the voting booths had closed and helped throw the mid-term election? Even Trump has called them out.

  4. This lockdown has released all manner of depravity. Demons roam the world. James Martin is just their handmaiden. The lockdown of healthy humans was always and everywhere based on a lie.

  5. Fox has some ‘conservative’ news shows, but if you look closely, Fox caved a few years back to the LGBTSJ movement. It is rare that an evening news program goes by without at least one LGBTQ newsperson in the line-up. They tend to be conservative, or they are ‘civil’ gay liberals or libertarians. But they make up way more than their fare share of the guest spaces for Martha McCallum, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. I mainly watch Carlson, and was surprised at the inequitable numbers when I did a bit of research as I tried to understand the imbalance. Check a night’s guests on Wikipedia as they appear. My count reached about 20% over a week. I think that indicates a sell-out.

  6. sixlittlerabbits

    Fox is no longer a reliable conservative news source. It has some good commentators, but not all are so. I’ve read that Rupert Murdoch’s sons are now in charge and that’s the reason for the change.

  7. RINO and Leftist enabler Paul Ryan is now on the board of FOX, placed there by the liberal, globalist Murdoch kids. FOX is also home of Hannity, the most pro Trump host, who, however, believes Catholicism is a smorgasbord where you pick and choose the beliefs you are comfy with. They also were the longtime home of pretty boy prelate Jonathan Morris, formerly Legionaires of Christ, who left the priesthood because he realized celibacy was a requirement. The insufferable Chris Wallace is also everywhere on Fox, and they are now attacking the great new press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

  8. Martha Maccallum is a bit of a strange bird. She was the guest speaker at a fundraiser for an order of cloistered Dominican nuns a few years back and mumbled her way through the speech, with her head down and avoiding eye contact with anyone. She was just rising in the Fox firmament and I got to thinking her agent told her talking at a Catholic fundraiser was a bad career move but it was too late to cancel. It was really bizarre to watch. People were looking at each other like wth? Those nuns deserved better. She’s a Catholic, btw. I’m assuming she’s a clueless Catholic.

  9. I guess Jonathan Morris was not available.
    Fox plays both sides of the street. They typically do not allow comments on certain stories, and any comments about homosexuals in their combox will sometimes disappear right before your eyes. It can be a mild comment, but you rarely get even that chance.

    I actually think James Martin is a perfect representative for our Catholic Church. Yes it galls me to say that, I hate it, but I think it’s absolutely true. This is what the church is, and hiding it only puts more little boys and seminarians at risk. Better to openly confirm what has been said about the church all these years is true, and openly show who and what we are, rather than play let’s pretend and put a man out there as our rep. Jimmy Martin essjay is perfect.
    Mothers, beware allowing your little altar boys or sending your young man off to seminary.
    Don’t leave your little boys alone with them, and know 100% that where you are sending them is not chock full of the friends of men like this.

  10. Father Martina shrieks with anguish at the tiny risk of ‘DEATH!’ from opening churches, but has no problem supporting extremely risky perverted practices among the LGBT community he represents.

  11. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, someone “in the know” estimates that 70% of priests and 90% of bishops in the USA are homosexual. This is after years of seminaries’ discouraging manly men. Remember “Uncle Ted” McCarrick!

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