Allergies And Vaccines

No masses until we have a vaccine? 

This is, apparently, what a “working group” for the Church in Scotland thinks.

It beggars belief.

People went to Mass during the Black Plague, during the world wars. They went to Mass under the bombs. They went to Mass in churches that had no roof, in the bitter cold. Now this bunch of girls want to be exempted from work until they are totally and completely assured that they are safe? They are stating it very clearly. At some point, they will make them reopen the churches. But work? Thanks, but no, thanks.

Please don’t tell me that it is to protect the faithful. Have they asked the faithful?

I think I will develop a very strong allergy to donations to the NO Church.

Then I will say that I will be glad to resume my donations, when a vaccine against my allergy is found.

This, I would say, is for everybody’s safety.

My allergy is very infectious, you know.


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  1. No bishop who really believed the Faith would ask this way. The scandal — that is, placing a stumbling block in front of the faithful– is enormous.

  2. nidahocatholic

    Given that Fox is now owned by Disney – the same Disney that is aggressively pushing sodomy on children in their cartoons – it is no surprise Fox is giving a known sodomite a platform.

  3. My thought here is that nobody should be allowed to go anywhere or do anything until a vaccine for death is disovered and readily available. That means zillions of doses and effectively for free for those who can’t afford even a nominal charge.Immortality should be within every- and any- one’s grasp and as things are currently, death is always just around the corner.
    Whether you are a hundred and three, in your twenties or a babe in the womb death can strike at any moment. Women should be allowed out for abortions but that’s it.The government can deliver alcohol and marijuana to all the shut-ins.
    Until death is utterly and futiley defeated it is too dangerous for anyone to go anywhere for any reason.
    IMHO, of course.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    LOLROTF, my thoughts exactly. Mass didn’t stop even in World War II concentration camps where priests were imprisoned! What a bunch of wimps the majority of the clergy have proven to be.

  5. John Lambert

    Don’t call these whining ninnies “girls”. The girls and women I know are strong, capable and practically perfect in every way. I’m thinking of the women air raid wardens who helped put out incendiary bombs the Luftwaffe dropped on my home town. i’m think of the selfless angels who labour in palliative care. My mother was an air raid warden and I met the closest thing to angels on this earth looking after my dear wife (another strong woman) as they eased her pain and gave her comfort and solace during her final days. No, call them what you like, but please don’t demean some of God’s finest creatures by calling them just “girls”.
    John Lambert

  6. Joseph De Clue

    Thanks be to God I am able to attend a traditional chapel where everything is pre-Vat-II. The NO churches have been closed so a lot of NO people are coming to our chapel now. We were having the mass live-streamed for a few weeks and new people were attracted by the reverence of the old mass. I pray they will stay. Some certainIy will. I don’t give ANY MONEY to the NO church.

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