Breaking News: Minnesota’s Bishops Are Catholic!


Finally, finally, FINALLY, some Bishops remember that they are our shepherds, and start acting as Catholics.

The Bishops of Minnesota have decided to defy the orders of the local authorities and allow masses with attendance limited to one third of the usual capacity, rather than the absurd 10 people limit of their own earthly masters.

The quote below is such common sense that it should not have needed to be written, ever:

“It is now permissible for an unspecified number of people to go to shopping malls and enter stores, so long as no more than 50 percent of the occupancy capacity is reached. Big-box stores have hundreds of people inside at any one time, and the number of goods that are being handled and distributed in one store by many people—stock staff, customers, cashiers—is astounding. Workers are present for many hours per day, often in close proximity. There is no state mandate that customers wear masks in those malls or stores, wash their hands consistently, or follow any specific cleaning protocol,” the bishops wrote.

So let us get this straight: a huge Costco can work at 50% of capacity. A huge church can only have 10 people in. Really, in order to even think that this is acceptable one has to be studying very hard for reprobation.
The Bishops further state, and ask:
“An order that sweeps so broadly that it prohibits, for example, a gathering of 11 people in a Cathedral with a seating capacity of several thousand defies reason”
Ah, the Bishops should be aware of a small detail here: reason is nowhere to be found in all this!
What started as a one-off, temporary, very time-limited exercise in avoidance of a big emergency (something from which the economy could have fairly easily recovered in a handful of months; the beers you don’t buy at the end of March you can buy in April, the holiday money will be spent in June…) has now become a full-on

“full emergency until we are sure that no one dies E.V.E.R. A.G.A.I.N.!!!

Let us be frank here. The Bishops (all of them, even those who are still asleep) should have woken up earlier. They should have recognised, at the beginning of this, that it is exactly their duty to be at the forefront in the fight for religious freedom and the access to the Sacrament – both out of respect for Christ and the Church’s Sacraments and in order to care for their sheep – rather than playing the bossy old woman who goes on ruining everybody’s life, or trying to look good with the Karens of the world. I also cannot avoid the sensation that these bishops are not leading, but following their sheep, after noticing the amount of outrage out there.
Still, I commend this development, and invite my readers to pray for these bishops, and that the others may open their eyes, too.
A bit at a time, we will see the end of this.
At that point, there will be a lot of reflections to make about how Catholics our bishops are, and how cowardly our politicians.

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  1. Bout’ time. The entire lockdown was absurd in the first place. Folks have been mixing at grocery stores from day one. Glad that the Minn. Bishops picked up on this. Wish more would.

  2. mortimerzilch

    We all knew they’d open up when the money was running out. The real shock is not that these bishops are defying secular/civil orders…but that they are defying Jorge “Francis” Bergoglio’s direct “order” to stay shut….until the trads go away he’s hoping. So this will force Rome to come out with some statement allowing bishops “wiggle room” to “disobey” the directive to stay shut until Jorge tells them. How soon will that be? Less than a week I predict…

  3. “Religious freedom” is the gateway drug to religious relativism, religious suppression, and finally the elimination of religion and the religious. The state only recognizes force. Sadly, force requires masculinity, and the Church is in very short supply of that, particularly among the Episcopate.

  4. Joseph De Clue

    Still waiting for them to condemn the heresies of Vatican II and the new mass. Then I would call them Catholic.

  5. In my Archdiocese, Boston, the RINO governor Baker has decreed free exercise of religion can re-commence on May 18. The Archdiocese under the weak Cardinal O’Malley has told parishes they had best be careful and open very slowly. O’Malley’s reopen guidelines are promulgated by his “risk management” office which is a legal liability and insurance entity, devoted to the secular sacrament of non-liability and fear of repurcussions cooked up by the Left. The Left’s weopnization of the abuse crisis is paying off tenfold in destroying Roman Catholic public ministry. The glossy documents produced for the parishes look like government issued propaganda and Mass going is now going to be an excruciating experience. Volunteer cowboys and gals will corral and herd the 40% capacity of cattle into social distanced pews with face masks attached. The priest will not be masked until giving out Communion in the hand or “prepackaged Communion” , whatever that is, I suppose like Tang that NASA developed in the 60s. The Cardinal has continued the dispensation to not attend Mass indefinitely…. I don’t know if I shall be attending the Liturgy of the Mask anytime soon..

    • Al Schroeder

      I identify with you, I am in the peoples republic of Illinois under the reign of emperor fats Pritzker and a collection of modernist bishops. Some of those bishops have also banned communion on the tongue. Their logic could be two fold, one they do not believe in transubstantiation or they are looking for ways to rid their diocese of the Latin mass. I wrote these bishops and it was polite alerting them that what they are doing goes against church law. I got the result I expected, nothing, zilch zero nadda. I guess its hard working a key board when you are hiding under the bed. At any rate looks like I will be attending the tridentine mass via live stream into the foreseeable future.

    • mortimerzilch

      LITURGY OF THE MASK !!! perfecto!

    • In Milwaukee it’s only twenty-five percent of capacity, NO Communion on the tongue, bring your own decontaminated wipes, old folks need not apply, Social Estrangement WILL be enforced.

      As to the headline on the post: no, the MN Bishops did not suddenly become Catholic; their restrictions on Masses are just as bad as anyone else’s. What was that about ‘the lukewarm….’?

    • They will have to have restrictions to avoid the appearance of tanks and war helicopters, though..

  6. Thank goodness somebodies in the Church hierarchy are.

  7. sixlittlerabbits

    This is good news. Hope our “shepherds” in the Archdiocese of NY will follow. I doubt it though; in NY we have the Church of Social Work, our Chief Social Worker being Timothy A. Dolan.

  8. I live in the peoples Republic of Illinois under the reign of Pharaoh Fats Pritzker reigning Demagogue. There are 3 signs of government oppression, in Germany in 1938 it was the swastika, In the soviet union in 1946 it was the hammer and cycle and in Illinois iin 2020 its the face mask that our divine emperor has demanded we wear when we go out anywhere. Our bishops here walk Lock step with the government. They were tripping over themselves seeing who could close their diocese first. Malloy of Rockford was one of the first, this is the same Mr. Malloy who trashed the Motu Proprio of Benedict insisting, demanding any priest wishing to say the Tridentine mass had to get his permission first. Then Pates in Joliet were I USED to go for a Motu Proprio mass. He closed just before Malloy and went one step farther banning communion on the tongue. Which we all know is against church law. Meanwhile in Chicago, Cardinal Soupkitchen has publicly said prayer can not stop the virus. Oh ye of little faith. I think this is a great opportunity for us to hit the Novus Ordo where they feel the most pain. In the pocket book. When the churches reopen I am trying to get people who do return to drop a card in the basket instead of money. The card reads. “Dear Bishop, It’s a simple formula. No orthodoxy, no money. You can change this by taking a firm stand against abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and Socialism while cracking down on liturgical abuses, encouraging the Traditional Latin Mass and boldly leading souls to Christ. Do this and we will go back to supporting you. sincerely, the Faithful. I am calling it operation pocketbook. I have this on the front page of my website and its downloadable. The Covid-19 could be a great opportunity to take back our church. In the meantime, farewell from Gulag Illinois.

    • mortimerzilch

      I live in Newark, NJ and it’s all the same lock-step “obedience’ here. They will open when the money runs out. But the money should not GO IN. I like your idea: no orthodoxy, no money. That’ll freak them out. Jesus is using the virus to purify the Church.

    • Al Schroeder

      My Sympathy to you mortimerzilch, I understand your governor is every bit as draconian as ours in Illinois. I am hoping orthodox Catholic realize our opportunity here. I know there are good Novus Ordo priests (all be it a handfull) in my area and I wish there was a way to make provisions for them. However this could be a blessing in disguise as well letting them seek out traditional orders who use the Latin liturgy exclusively. Personally I will not attend any mass with even an essence of masks or hand sanitizer, or social distancing or any other Tom foolery. I have all the information on Operation Pocketbook with a link to Catholic order of religious, monastery, and seminaries practicing the real faith. I urge people to do what I am doing, support those groups. One of my favorites are the Benedictines of Silver City New Mexico and the Carmelites of Cody Wyoming. I don’t know if Mundabor permits links and if not I understand, after all it is his house here and I am just a visitor however here it is all the info on operation pocketbook is on the first page with the links to Orthodox Catholic orders who could use the financial help. As well as my comments about surrounding bishops in lock step with the Pritzker regime.

  9. Darrell Roman

    Where were the bishops 70 + day’s ago… why all of a sudden they are opening up churches… When this virus all began they should have put into action on how they were going to allow the People of God to come together for Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion and other Sacraments… I am sure that now, it’s because they noticed that the money was not rolling in… so now!!! They have to do something in order to save their diocese and archdiocese from going broke!

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