Joe Biden, Dumber Than Dem Voters, Picks Failed Phony Kamala For Veep

I have been very charitable in assuming that Joe Biden really picked Kamala, rather than being told by his handlers that she is the one. Still, one thinks that even Joe, in his moments of lucidity, would have considered her the best pick among those to whom he had obliged himself to, that is: a BVWSG*.

Msss Rice might soon be locked up. Mss Bass stinks of Castro to the heavens. Msss Bottoms has implicitly encouraged looting and refused to back her police force. All other Mssss were not well known, and had little to offer besides the BVWSG status. Therefore, it had to be Kamala.

Kamala has, at least, showed her experience in sucking the Brown of Willie, or in being a Senator and California AG, one of the two. In short, not only she sucks, but she undoubtedly knows how to suck.

She was massacred, and I mean really massacred, by Tulsi Gabbard during the debates. Tulsi Gabbard went nowhere (deservedly, because she refused to even denounce the lynching of Trump and had slipped far too far to the left, like all of them), but even this almost unknown third-tier politician was enough to persuade Dem registered voters, many of them certainly activists, that she was no good. She funneled a lot of money to her sister, whom she put in charge of the campaign, showing that she can Biden with the best of them. She was exposed as a phony and a hypocrite, after joking on the radio about her own pot smoking but sending people to jail for what she jokingly admitted of doing herself. Perhaps she should send herself to jail as an act of reparation.

Speaking of reparations: she might well be the descendant of slave holders, and we will certainly know more about this in the coming months. This is also useful as many will know, in the coming months, that many Blacks were slave holders themselves, in the USA and abroad.

Her father considers her (like all of us) a bitch. He has been pretty vocal about this in the last months. I hope Trump makes him a part of his stump speech, and a fixed feature of his virtual (or otherwise) rallies. The guy will also show that school-bus-me Kamala does not come from the ghetto, but from a solidly middle-class family.

And then there is the very embarrassing and compromising matter of Mr (cough) Willie, the influential San Francisco politician and Democrat powerhouse thanks to whose (cough) Brown Kamala climbed the party ranks and was, ultimately, propelled to the position of Californian AG. Brown (sorry, Willie) was 31 years older than Kamala, and you are forgiven for thinking that this “relationship” wasn’t entirely disinterested. The jokes will abound.

Trump already has a name for her: “Phony Kamala”. Trump is a perceptive man, who can give people devastating, because so utterly true, nicknames: Slow Joe, Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Low Energy Jeb come to mind. Phony Kamala will go very far, because this woman is as fake as they come: fake poor girl, fake feminist with horizontal qualities, fake law-and-order AG; so obviously fake, in short, that when the Democrats knew her better she rapidly went from favourite candidate to total failure.

Speaking of fake: awaiting final evidence here, but I will go out on a limb and add that Kamala might have add to her list of fake attributes a, literally, fake face. If it is true that she had recent cosmetic surgery, it would be the first time a candidate decides to give himself, literally, a new face before running in a Presidential ticket. But then again, Kamala’s face was totally lost already, so one might ask what was the damage here.

Lastly, an internal politics observation. Phony Kamala is extremely ambitious, and I doubt she will be a loyal sidekick to Sleepy Joe. I think she will see herself and the Candidate president-in-waiting, and she will want that everyone knows it. I think this will provide for some frictions between the two (when Biden can think, of course), and perhaps for some big public blunder.

Sleepy Joe and Phony Kamala will give us a lot of entertainment in the months to come.

Be vigilant, be active in your support of Trump. use Twitter and Facebook if you are there.

But have the popcorn at the ready.


*Black Vagina With Social Grievances

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  1. Question: Can two losers be a winning combination? Democrats are betting on the stupidity, sentimentality, and malleability of the American public. Are they right? Given their cowed reaction I’m not so sure they’re wrong.

    Trump will make mincemeat of this pair, of course. But this election will be no lay-up.

  2. Pre. Trump said Kamala was his first choice. Beautiful!

  3. Kamala Is no phony when it comes to militating for abortion—gets 100% favorable rating from NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League).

  4. I think she comes from at least a middle class family. Her dad was talking about their ancestry, which he knew in detail. Their ancestor did own slaves in Jamaica. That will be downplayed, only white people are expected to answer for their ancestors. Her mom is Indian and her dad is Jamaican and European. She will call herself a black woman because that is a definite advantage, but already lots of black people are raising eyebrows about that.
    She’s not liked, but she must have been the best of the worst.
    Mundabor I hope you don’t mind, I want to mention something tangential. America lost a beautiful little 5 year old this past weekend, and his death is being ignored by the media. A little boy, Cannon Hinnant, of North Carolina was executed while riding his bike by a 25 year old neighbor, who ran up to him and shot him in the head in front of his two sisters. This story is being ignored by the media, it does not fit their “white bad black good” narrative, but this child and his family deserve this to be talked about. The shooter is black and the child was white. America has a big problem, a lie about race and crime in America is being perpetuated by the media and this has got to be addressed at some point. A column written about this tragedy cites some statistics that need to come to light, but will probably surprise people who don’t live in the US but not many who do live in the US. When whites experience violent crime in the US, 90% of the time the perp is black. When blacks experience violent crime in the US, 9% of the time the perp is white. You’d never guess that from the narrative you hear. It is roughly the same with police officers, very similar. Most unarmed people shot by police in the US are white, almost double the number of unarmed blacks shot by police. So almost twice as many white people die from police shootings as black people. Whites are 62% of the population in the US and blacks are 12%.

  5. To make a choice more significant than “eeny, meeney, miney, moe” is beyond jojothemonkeyboy’s current capabilities.
    This choice could be as the result of her offering him a bribe (at one time this would have required millions of dollars, today perhaps no more than a ham sandwich) but more likely is the result of a decision made by whoever is behind jojotmb and this political scam.
    The commitment to back jojotmb was made well before his descent into whereever but his backers had set too much in motion to allow his cortex-collapse get in their way.
    Amazingly the policies being set forth in his name are even more demented than he is.

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