The New Far West

The verdict on the Chauvin trial has been reached, and it is: guilty on all counts.

I think this is a sad, sad day for the United States. Most of all, this is a day that marks the end of policing in the United States as we know it.

The message has been sent, very clearly, that every policeman in the Country can be ruined if exceptional circumstances cause the dead of a drug addict criminal by overdose, and this policeman has been, in some way, less than totally orthodox, or just unlucky.

Brace yourself for police forces all over the Country interested in one thing and one thing only: avoiding becoming the next Chauvin.

The intimidation has also reached unprecedented scale, up to that unspeakable bitch, Maxine Waters. This is another message for jurors all over the Country: you will not be protected, and will be thrown to the lions unless you do what the Marxist mob demands of you.

It is, in fact, a dark day for the United States. In the last months, and for the first time in my life, I have felt that there is *more* democracy in Europe than there is in the US; then the farce that has happened in lieu of elections in November is not worthy of a First World Country, and has exposed a level of corruption at high levels of politics and judiciary that I firmly believe does *not* exist in Europe.


So sad.

Let’s hope the appeal corrects this. But the damage done will, once again, be very difficult to remedy.

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  1. As a European (Italian), I can tell you that here we are at the same plateau. You are becoming us. So sad.

    • I am Italian, too. I think we are getting out of the problem. They are getting in.
      Besides, our elections are clean, and our trials serious.

  2. Did you really call someone an “unspeakable bitch”?

  3. Agreed.

  4. By failing to sequester the jury and change the venue from the beginning he left the jury wide open to massive intimidation and this is the result.
    Any other verdict and those jurors would be serching for a “witness protection program,” moving, changing their names and getting plastic surgery. Rule by mob. And it is, in fact, a very small mob… with a whole lot of money financing it.
    A very vwry sad day indeed.

  5. The United States Is indeed in its twilight. But Western Europe is no better with its coddling of Islam. An Orthodox Jewish woman is thrown off a building and the perpetrator is found “not guilty”. This verdict is embraced by Mr Maxine-Macron. Then there are the beheadings and the Catholic Church burnings and smashings. Sends a shiver up my spine. Black and white Americans largely share a Judeo-Christian ethic. What do most Europeans share with Islam?

  6. I believe you’re right. This is a very sad ending of a sad story. Like you, I can’t foresee it boding well for the country. It appears we are edging closer to revolution. Frightening.

  7. More corrupt than UK, France and Italy?

  8. Absolutely. You are 100% correct. I recently read- and I don’t now where- that is as difficult to watch a country die as it is to watch a person die. That affected my perceptions of what is going on here in the US so there is no more denial, no fooling myself. And it is very painful. Everywhere I look there is more evidence. This verdict was indeed a dark day.
    The trial never should have been televised.
    The jury should have been sequestered.
    The 27mil award given to Floyd family BEFORE the trial and words of the Mayor Frey calling it a ‘killing’, assuming guilt of Chauvin, are grounds for mistrial. Words of Maxine Waters are grounds for mistrial. Words of Biden are grounds for mistrial.
    I don’t know what happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’, or the concept of blind justice. Maybe that statue (of Liberty blindfolded and holding the scales of justice) should be taken down!
    Let’s face it, the media, the democrats, BLM, antifa, the liberal ‘protestors’ = a lynch mob. They chanted and spoke, and tweeted, and announced on every media platform what would happen if he was not found guilty. And it’s not over …they are now threatening to ‘burn it down’ depending on sentencing. And that will not be enough either.
    This is a snapshot of what is gong on in the country. Everything s being turned upside down. Criminals are set free, defended, made into heroes and cops are disrespected and the the rule of law and the authority to enforce it is overturned. Everywhere our country is being undermined and values, traditions, laws, rules & regulations are ignored or thrown out.
    To hear the supposed VP say today that our country is one of systemic racism was punishing. This was echoed by the idiot DeBlasio who qualified that remark by saying ‘for 400 years’ referring to the 1619 project. Although fraudulent, the 1619 project was advanced and promoted by NYT and is used in US schools.
    Horrible. Horrible watching the country die.

  9. This e-mail which came to my inbox describes a volunteer organization to defend Catholic Churches from invasion and destruction by terrorist organizations:

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