Time To Be Worried, Papa Emeritus

I have written in another post about a world with Benedict not resigning and remaining in charge. I’d like to sat two words here about his rather proximate meeting with his Maker.

Benedict has, in the past, raised huge eyebrows talking of his salvation as a done deal (I wrote about it), without him being known as a new San Paul or Padre Pio. If I were him, however, I would actually be worried. Let us see why.

The fact is, Benedict isn’t a quisque de populo; he is a guy who has had a big influence on the church and on countless faithful for many decades; and he is a prelate, and a theologian to boot. He must know that he will be judged differently from the old man who, at times, got drunk at the pub.

Dr Ratzinger was a poisonous influence during Vatican II, and the fact that he wasn’t nearly as bad as others made his poison more insidious. He also consorted with, or was appreciative of, theologians who were seen with suspicion or sent to the wilderness only a few years prior. You only need to read books like One Hundred Years of Modernism to understand that this guy was, without a doubt, part of the heretical push, albeit in much lesser measure than others. Everybody, in pre Vatican II time, would have been afraid of hell just stuff like that.

Then we have Pope Benedict, of whom I have just written in the other post. This was the guy wearing red shoes to be reminded that he walked in the blood of the martyrs, but not willing to undergo the harsh conflicts necessary to deal with the harsh realities of the job. Nor has he the excuse of being too simple, or too naive, like John XXIII might have fancied himself on a bad day. No, this one was always – and is, in fact, to this day – a keen and sharp intellect. Therefore, his caving to the wolves around him in everything that really counts cannot really be salvaged by the occasional good decision or sound gesture. Be it Summorum Pontificum, homo mafia, or Bishops’ appointment, Benedict was always wetting his lips, but then he never whistled. He even had to have his own Assisi gathering! This is, I think, a heavy burden for a man who, like every Pope, should set his life at nought , but was afraid of even enforcing Summorum Pontificum.

Lastly, we have the Pontiff Emeritus. On at least two occasions, possibly more, Ratzinger lauded Francis’ Pontificate (I wrote about it on both occasions). It is nothing less than staggering that a man still in full possession of his faculties, as Ratzinger is, would be so gregarious, so much of a yesman to the very end, that he would praise the man systematically trying to destroy Catholicism, including of course that little that Benedict did himself.

I wish the man, sincerely, all the best. Which is why I notice with sadness that, with already one and a half foot in the grave, he has never recanted his role in V II and, in fact, still seems to think he did quite well in it; has never said a word about the effects of his decisions on the Catholic Church; and has not yet said, not even almost in dying, one word of condemnation of the countless scandals of the Evil Clown, though he actually praised him on more than one occasion.

Honestly, if he is not worrying, as it seems he is not, this is another indication of how thoroughly a son of V II Ratzinger is.

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  1. It all points towards personal pride and influence of the devil. Being a theologian is a most dangerous profession.

  2. Harsh but true. And unknown to or denied by most “conservative” Catholics.

  3. The only reason I can think of is: pride. He can’t admit he was wrong for decades, maybe for all of his adult life. It’s the psychology of the sunk investment which you see in people who bought shares of stock in a company, and they can’t bring themselves to sell them and take a loss long after the company has proven itself to be hopeless. They can’t admit they were wrong. With investors you could say it’s only money. With priests and theologians, it’s much worse. This is a sin of the intellect, which unlike sins of the flesh, are punished more severely. It could be that he has convinced himself, with the help of the Evil One, that he is right and Hell doesn’t exist. Just pray for him.

  4. Hilary McRee Flanery


    The beginning of Wisdom
    Is Fear of the Lord,
    So Wisdom with age?
    I’ve seen no accord.

    So you’ve lived many decades
    Seen the world more than twice.
    But what have you learned?
    That sinners are nice?

    That sinners eat
    And sinners drink
    And sinners read
    And sinners think!

    And sinners have
    Sincere desires
    Like remodeling rooms
    With art that inspires

    And compels one to lift
    His goblet of wine
    To toast all we want
    And make want what is mine!

    So all in modern
    Shall acknowledge their versions
    Of propriety.

    And when you die,
    They’ll bring goblets, blessed lockets…
    But they’ll realize too late…
    That the shroud has no pockets!

  5. Pope Benedict was a pope in obviously a very troubled times for both Church and the world. As bad as some of his actions might look to any man, even worse were those of st. Paul or st. Dismas. God is the only one to judge. We cannot be sure to know all the circumstances of pope’s resignation, not even majority of them. I don’t know where pope Benedict spoke of his salvation as a done deal, but hypothetically it doesn’t have to be heretical at all. As a man predestined to be a pope in such a troubled time, maybe he had a private revelation or two during his life, where the future was revealed to him, maybe even his eternal destiny. He wouldn’t be the first one, didn’t our lady of Fatima reveal the same to the visionaries? Of course, this theory is just a possibility, I don’t say it is a reality, the point is – it’s not up to you to judge. You can say some things he did were objectively bad, you can’t say where he is going to go after he dies.

    • You are a part of the problem, Mare, and the sad things is that you can’t even see it when it stares you in the face. We can’t judge in the sense that we can’t decide whether he goes to hell or not (let’s hope not), but your constant making excuses for very public facts (perhaps he had a private revelation, and perhaps the Martians made him do this and that, and perhaps one gives scandals but hey, there will be circumstances no one knows) *are exactly the reason why we are in this mess in the first place*.

  6. Benedict has been a puzzle to me. He clearly approves of Bergoglio’s antics. Why did he even write Summorum Pontificum, if he wanted the Bergoglio dismantling?? It’s hard to believe that someone charged with such an important office would be SUCH a coward. Why even accept it if you are so weak? Makes no sense. I have thought maybe he is drugged and kept incommunicado,or even lied to, about what Bergoglio does.

    • I have lived in Germany and I know why: gregariousness. When he was Pope, he wanted SP provided he does not cause too much conflict. Now he approves of Bergoglio for the same reasons.

  7. Mr.Mundabor, when you say gregarious, do you mean conforming with the majority, wanting to fit in, even with those he recognizes as wolves??

    • Yes. He wants to be in synch with the people around him. This is a very, very German character trait. Germans don’t like people thinking outside of the herd. The pressure to go baa with all others is massive. This is shocking to us Italians because we are a bunch of anarchists, to whom “thinking with the herd” appears conformist and lacking in personality.

  8. In his book Milestones, Joseph Ratzinger writes, that his doctoral thesis was sent back for correction. Half of it was judged to be modernist. He revised and passed, but it says it all really. Does a leopard change its spots?

  9. Joe Ratzinger, is and always has been an unrepentant revolutionary of the worse kind. The eternal salvation of ANY of the post VII popes is very much in question, given their general unrepentance, callous disregard for the wishes of Our Lord and Our Lady, and the enormous damage they did to souls and Holy Mother Church for their actions and non-actions.

  10. I don’t have a brilliant memory, but even I can recall the photos from VII with Cardinal Ratzinger in his business suit, hanging out with the ‘cool kids’. I have never respected him. I’m grateful that somehow a good action snuck past him and his handlers. But I have never respected him, and I respect him less now, if that’s possible.

  11. tradcatholicaetridentinecatholiccom

    Your sentiments pretty much echo the words of Fr. David Hewko of the SSPX Marian Corps. He is constantly saying there is not much difference Benedict and Francis except Benedict is far more dangerous because he hides his true beliefs. With Francis what you see is what you get. I remember when Benedict was first elected. I thought now we can finally return to the real Catholic church. I guess I was wrong. I should have known better especially when he started to call the Tridentine mass the “extraordinary” right. There is nothing extraordinary about it, The one true mass is the Tridentine, that “thing” Vatican II concocted is the real extraordinary mass. With all the cards stacked in the Vatican I wonder if we will ever get a true Catholic pope again. All up to the Holy Spirit I guess.

  12. And let’s not forget Ratzinger’s participation in the “Full reveal of the Third Secret Fatima.” He wasn’t Pope at that time but was in a position to know it was a hoax. And once Pope did he obey the Mother of God and make the true reveal,No. He joined the long list of Masonic useful idiot popes.

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