Meet Francis, Worker Of Iniquity

“God will not disoooown youuuu”

But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.

Luke 13:27

These words, which probably every child knows who has been to catechism, are, very obviously, unknown to that evil piece of work sadly known as Pope Francis.

Francis is, as you might know by now, trying to justify Father Georgina in the quite disquieting predilection of the latter – and I this point I would say, likely of the former, too – for homosexual “pastoral activity”, which indicates faggotry as nothing else on the planet does.

What does, then, Francis do to justify Father Georgina’s very obvious homo obsession? He completely forgets Christianity, and, after having created a new religion of faggolatry, proceeds to announce the novel to the world. Apparently, in Francis’ nuReligion God does not disown His children.

Well, you dumb clown: he actually does. Big time.

There are no stronger words of disowning than the ones I have quoted above. They are so brutal, so clear-cut in their meaning, that nobody even remotely acquainted with Christianity can doubt what they mean.

God does disown some (likely very many) of His children, and sexual perversion is a clear sign of reprobation.

Nor should it be said that, as Frankie The Clown could be considered to be talking of the perversion (which, in itself, is not a sin), his words should be put in the “context”. No. On the contrary. By saying that God does not disown any of his children, this Evil Clown is positively encouraging homos to go down the path of their filthy perversion.

Notice, too, that the guy finds not one single word to, at the very least, condemn the perversion. Which is strange, as the questions to him were put by a guy who makes Liberace look like Clint Eastwood in his prime.

This guy really has Satan in his every pore.

He will die in God’s good time.

I suspect that, on that day, he will know what being disown by God is.

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  1. Hell has broken loose in our world and has almost no fetters. Satan is ruling this world right now, God will reclaim it, and, we hope soon. This man is thoroughly evil, as are most of our political leaders, and he is nothing but that.

  2. Mary K Jones

    Fr. Georgina and his friend, pope Francis, can hand out soothing remarks by the hour. But many of their readers will (if they are lucky, and with no help from the above two) be haunted by the simplicity and clarity of Christ’s own words. Maybe they will be moved to give up the perversion and the false ‘friends’ who encourage them along that path.

  3. The words you quote are from the Gospels. Pope Francis advised the LGBT+ crowd to read the Acts which is basically a travelogue – they went here/were persecuted/went there/were persecuted, etc. He’s telling the target audience to identify with the early X’s who were persecuted. One of the signature traits of this pontificate is to eliminate Jesus Christ from any discussion as much as possible. He also positions each Person of the Blessed Trinity in opposition to each other: the merciful Father vs. the judgmental Son vs. the enlightened Holy Spirit. PF seems to view The Holy Trinity as some kind of dialectical development which we’re living through in history until we’re finally free of Them/Him. Right now he’s using God to get rid of God.

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