No Shit, Sherlock! Or: Judgment In The Age Of The Alphabet.

The most atrocious of fake UK non-Catholic “c”atholic magazines has aired its views about how, in their own estimation, the laity of the Church in the UK looks at the way the Church deals with perverts. The rag the opinion that, always according to fake Catholics, the Church is judgmental and condemning.

No shit, Sherlock!

At Her very core, the Church is to do with judgment. This is, in fact, the reason why the Church exist in the first place. It’s called the Barque because it is there to help the faithful not to drown. To criticise the Church for being judgmental is to criticise her for the crime of existing. To blame her for being condemning is to demand that She makes the work of Satan.

How rotten this “catholic laity” is, is already seen by the fact that, if you listen to them, the Church is undermining her very own legitimacy for the very act of doing Her job.

This is, basically, perverts and their friends stating that they question the legitimacy of a Church daring to be the Church. Let that sink in, and reflect on what it says of these people.

Go right on, you bunch of deviants. Go away from the Church and make your own non-judgmental sect, or else join the army of dying, mickey-mouse sects already crowding the fake Christian space: Presbyterians, so-called CoE, Quackers (a couple of dozen still exist somewhere), non-denominational sects, or the like!

Go where you won’t be judged. Disappear in PC, inclusive, sodomy-affirming, trannie-encouraging cuckoo land. But don’t keep polluting the Bride of Christ with your perverted, truly judgmental, truly God-defying, thinking.

And oh, I forgot….

You will be judged anyway.

When it is too late.

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  1. grassrootgonzo

    Now, now, Mr. Mundabor, you are forgetting that Jesus is all about the LURV now, and everyone getting a trophy just for “participating”.

  2. Love the sinner hate the sin that’s the Catholic way. Why these apostates can’t understand that, is beyond me.( to a degree). They prefer to love the sin and hate everyone who holds the genuine Catholic teaching to heart.

  3. So many people throwing their pinch to satan now. I have no idea of your take on the admittedly polarizing site Church Militant. I am not a regular reader but was sent a recent talk by Michael Voris, who really is a good speaker. His talk is on the website right now about division and why we have it. That may be the title “Division and Why We Have it”. Anyway, it was so good I stopped it halfway and called my husband so he could listen to it. Very interesting and dead on accurate talk.

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