Fat, Entitled, And Lazy. Britain In The Age Of Deliveroo.

No, you actually need to skip that sandwich…

I grew up in a world where people were happy that they had food to eat, and actually reminded the younger generations (=me) of the war times, where food was, actually, an issue. Obviously, people cooked their food themselves. What we call “going out” was, in mine and most families, a rare and very special event. People had to put food on the table and provide for the basic necessities. A restaurant was for those very special moment, and even a pizzeria had to be carefully justified.

Things changed as I grew older, and people like me could, in their early twenties, “go out” at least once a week. A luxury, this, that my parents never had at my age. Still, at that point everything was in the realm of the “normal”.

Things started to change later in my life, as I discovered that there were people who “ate out” very often, generally because they did not feel like cooking. This was – and still is – a totally outlandish thinking for me, raised with war tales of two full days at a time without food, and not really knowing how filling next week’s meals would be. It sounded to me like waste, laziness, arrogance. Yes, arrogance. “Waste not, want not”, and all that.

I moved to the UK, and as I was looking for a place I kept hearing the estate agents going on about all the “restaurants” nearby and how “convenient” it was to have them nearby. I was literally unable to understand the point, and I thought that the estate agents were simply pretending – to flatter me with the assumption of florid finances – that I would be so careless with my money that I would just go and eat my dinner out as a normal daily event. I was, of course, interested in where the supermarkets and other grocery stores were. Only in time – yours truly being rather slow at times – it dawned on me that those estate agents actually knew what they were doing, as it became slowly clear to me what a staggering amount of people actually either went out to eat directly, or went to a takeaway and took the food back home.

In the last years, I have seen the explosion of the last craze, as people now seem to be too lazy to even go and take the food they did not want to cook. Therefore, a food delivery service will bring the processed, sugary, utterly unhealthy food straight to them, their effort being now limited to the commute couch-door-couch.

Meanwhile, people get fatter and fatter. More and more people literally kill themselves of this couch to door disease. They are too lazy to care, likely too dumb to even understand, and all too eager to accept the excuses society makes for fatness, laziness, and general dumbness. Nobody judges anybody anymore. When the undertaker has put them six feet under at 48, their fat friends will swear what wonderful, tolerant, inclusive human beings they were.

This is how I see, around me, a nation getting more and more fat, more and more lazy, more and more entitled, and shockingly, shockingly spineless. A Country unable to prepare simple food is supposed to resist a Russian assault. Take it from me, the Russian will come with sugary drinks and pizzas in tow, and they’ll get the entire Country in no time.

Fat, lazy, entitled, spineless, and utterly emasculated young men roam around, and the Army struggles to find recruits that could be still, with substantial work, be put into the required shape. It’s like seeing the Decline of the Roman Empire in fast forward.

I see another big consequence of this laziness, entitlement, and utter lack of spine.

But that will be for another post.

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  1. Mundabor we have the same thing in the states. Our military was excellent, America was rightfully proud of them. Discipline. Precision. Strength. We had it all. Every branch of the military, first rate. The military has been decimated, on purpose. It’s obvious. I saw a photo of a group of supposed “Air Corp” young people a few years ago, and was shocked. Oh it had diversity alright, but a less likely looking crew you’d be hard pressed to find. I saw a video of a diverse young lady in the military the other day, who was melting down and screaming obscenities at the MP’s surrounding her, leading her away. A military member had posted it, and said this would once be grounds for dismissal, now, probably nothing will happen. They’re afraid of her.
    Go woke get broke. It’s all the rage.

  2. I keep thinking about the first 6 verses of Isaias, chapter 3, where God threatens to take away statesmen and sages and allow us to be ruled by children and the effeminate — a very precise description of our present time. And it starts out with a threat that I had previously glossed over but that struck me with special force recently:

    “For behold the sovereign the Lord of Hosts shall take away from Jerusalem, and from Juda the valiant and the strong, the whole strength of bread, and the whole strength of water.

    Is this not 1000% true in our time? We have given up the traditions of our ancestors when it comes to the selection and preparation of food, and most of what we eat is garbage. We have also given up traditions of regular fasting and abstinence. Now we wonder why we are so full of obesity and cancer and allergies and rotten teeth and all kinds of ailments. And, since we are so isolated from one another, and no longer know how to grow and raise our own food, we are totally dependent on the food oligarchs.

    Miserere nobis.

  3. A few thoughts of my own on the matter:

    When I was a little child my parents told us about Mr Ed Sullivan, the weekend host of a nationally televised variety show (it was he who brought us the Beatles into our living room). We were impressed, in a negative way, to learn that his wife NEVER cooked and that the Sullivans ate at a restaurant every night! Imagine that!

    I grew up surrounded by the Great Lakes and into an ethnic, Catholic enclave. Fish was plentiful and excellently prepared in the kitchens of numerous bars and taverns. Mom and Dad would pile us into the car and we’d go out for “fish fry” on Friday once every two months or so. We children shared an entree(there was no “kiddie menu”)—one or two pieces of fish apiece, a few French fries, a dab of coleslaw, etc. We were always sated because beautiful bread was always served with the meal. It was a treat to get the 7oz glass of Coke on those occasions. There were no free refills. Dessert was never ordered. The world was svelte and beautiful in those days (early to mid 60s).

    The “post-Covid” world has gotten coarser, fatter, uglier and more evil everywhere you look. The virtue-signaling with face diapers and Ukraine flags continues. But most disturbing is the embrace of all sexual deviancy via the flying of the multicolored flags.

  4. The women shown at the 3:45 mark in this video are fat, but they cooked their own meals and cared for their families:

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