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Reblog of the day, part II

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This is the second part of Jesus and His Time and I will therefore not repeat the considerations therein contained.

The second argument was that if Jesus really existed, he was in part wise and in part deluded.

This is simply illogical. Let us see why.

What makes Jesus absolutely unique among all religious leaders is that Jesus: a) was announced, and announced in a way which made it possible for his followers – even if shocked at the subversive content of His teaching – to reach an intellectual certainly that he was, in fact, the One they were waiting for, and b) claimed to be God.

On a), I suggest the reading of some instructive books. Once again, Fulton Sheen’s Life of Christ makes a wonderful work of it. What I would like to deal about today is point b), and its necessary implications.

As I have already…

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Reblog of the day, part I

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My post of yesterday about the “Dawkins’ delusion” has (alas) attracted some comments – most of them kind, a couple of them rather less kind – from agnostics and/or atheists.

Those of you who are acquainted with my moderation policy know that I do not allow my blog to be used as a platform for anti-Catholic activity of whatever kind. Still, if there are interesting comments which I think might help my Catholic reader to better understand the Catholic (or Christian) argument, I do not see why I should not go into the matter.

One of the arguments brought against the Christian argument – nay, Truth – for the existence of God is that:

1) Jesus probably never existed as a historical figure, and

2) If he did, his claims were in part founded on wisdom, and in part on delusion.

I will deal today with these claims. In time…

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