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Ukraine Seeking Abortion Ban

If you google around, you will notice in the Ukraine a bill could be approved banning abortion. I will not link to any text in order to avoid giving publicity to a group of feminists, who have obviously seized the occasion.

It is difficult to find details. What we know is that the religious authorities support the measure, the law would allow abortion only in rare cases like – if I understand correctly – danger for the mother’s health, and the thing enrages feminists, some of them apparently not entirely ugly… (tsk, tsk.. no photos… it is just hypocritical feminists should send beautiful women in topless to attract some attention…).

What is interesting is that the former Warsaw Pact countries seem to be particularly keen on recovering  some of the values Communism had oppressed, or in not losing those that had survived even Communism.

We have seen examples of this with the new Hungarian Constitution, the Russian opposition to homo propaganda, and the pressure to reach a total abortion ban in Poland.

Interesting, isn’t it? In the meantime we have so-called bishops of the so-called church of England praising sodomarriage…


A Day Of Ordinary Nazism

Rather shocking (for me at least; I am the impressionable type) reminiscences of an abortion performed may years ago. 

There are several elements in this article which left me rather speechless:

1) the “counselor” says she has had nine abortions already. Apparently, this was made to let the girls feel more at their ease. Apparently it worked. Strangely. Frankly I would have thought such statements would have the opposite effect: unmask the inherent inhumanity of abortion.

2) The abortion was very painful; from what I know of these things, more painful than natural birth, which at least is natural pain. Even reading the story from the comfort of one’s living room, one understand what a traumatic experience it must be, the painful efforts of a nurse and a doctor to kill one’s own baby.

3) Apparently, the ultrasound is always done – at least in the facilities of Planned Genocide – but not shown for obvious reasons. This was news to me, but it makes sense as only the ultrasound will allow to gauge the age of the baby to be killed rapidly and with accuracy. Every Nazi doctor will tell you these details are important. I also agree in the midst of the painful trauma of an abortion, to call an ultrasound “traumatic” for the mother-not-to-be is more than stupid.

4) The treatment after abortion, with the young woman having to undress in the middle of the room, given a glass of water and sent away. If I were a feminist, I’d call this dehumanising, and demeaning. But I am not a feminist, so I’ll simply observe she was treated like cattle.

Truly, a day of ordinary Nazism.


Russians Show Some Common Sense

It's official: commie on the right more evil than commie on the left.

Whilst the West sinks in an ocean of political correctness in which pretty much everything is allowed, the Russians still show some common sense.

It appears more than 90% of Russians support a ban on homosexual propaganda. And in fact, I can’t imagine any country in Europe allowing such open show of perversion only 30 or 40 years ago.

Note the difference with London, where mayor Johnson (whom, make no mistake, you should still vote if you ask me, for reasons which have to do with the fact his only real opponent is pure evil)  bans a Christian adv from the underground after having had no problem at all with the homo propaganda the Christian adv was reacting to.

Note also that the opposition to homo propaganda is almost as widespread among younger people than among older ones, and is extremely widespread even by people of communist sympathies.

That some damn Russian commie should teach us basic morality is really a sign of the times.


Notre Dame University: Bishop Jenky Is Too Catholic!

The faculty members were terrified when they realised the bishop was, actually, Catholic...

When he bravely spoke against the Nazi Obama politics, I invited to make three cheers for Bishop Jenky.

Predictably, many members of the faculty were of different opinion. With the usual shamelessness so typical of the liberal, they call the comments of one who dares to point out to a genocide of more than Holocaust proportions “incendiary”. As this is a liberal university, the cry of being “insensitive” could also not fail to make his incensed appearance.

It is interesting to show the way of thinking of these people. Please reflect they work in the faculty of a Catholic university:

“We accept that Jenky’s comments are protected by the First Amendment, but we find it profoundly offensive that a member of our beloved University’s highest authority, the Board of Fellows, should compare the president’s actions with those whose genocidal policies murdered tens of millions of people, including the specific targeting of Catholics, Jews and other minorities for their faith.”

And the difference with abortion is….. where exactly? Let me look: is there an explanation of why an abortion be anything different from the killing of a baby? I will,  for the sake of charity, gloss over the despicable attempt to hide behind the Catholic victims of those same Nazi cruelty we see at work in the Obama camp every day.

If memory serves, though (and I think it does) this university is the same one happy to rub itself against Obama, inviting him to give the commencement address a couple of years ago.

Not much has changed in their attitude, and I wonder how long will it take before it does.


Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

Many thanks to St. Peter’s list for this beautiful gallery of Catholic images.

None of your sugary “let’s forget our disagreements and hug each other”-nonsense here. Strong, unashamedly pro-Catholic images is what the site has to offer.

If you have a blog, you may consider linking to the site so that others may draw inspiration. My collection of Catholic is already extensive enough so I might not add any further images – perhaps; we’ll see – but for many in search of a powerful visual message this site can be a godsend.



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“Coalition For Marriage” Instructions

The Coalition For Marriage initiative is now marching towards half million signatures, though the pace has now clearly (and predictably) reduced.

If you are a UK resident and haven’t signed, I allow myself to invite you again to do it.

When you do, you will receive (or have already received) an automated email with the email address of your MP. Again, I would encourage everyone to send this email.

But the reason of this blog post is that I would like to make of this blog a megaphone for all answers from your MP stinking of political correctness and/or in which the MP presents himself as the defender of “inclusiveness”, & Co. If you send the answer email to me, I will take care to make an extra post exposing him, and I will do it for every MP for whom you send me unacceptable answers to your email you have received.

This blog is little, but Google has a lot of patience, and if other blogs echo the initiative this will become a useful source of information when the next election comes, and one the relevant MP will not like.

Please send your email in form of message in answer to whatever post.


UKIP Is The Right Vote, And Second Vote For Boris

For those of you who are voting (by mail) or are going to vote for the London mayoral and assemblies election, may I suggest you seriously examine the possibility of voting UKIP.

I know, they are not perfect. No party is. But I see the following in their favour:

1. They have been fighting – effectively, as it seems – against the Brussels mania of everyone else for many years now. The events of the last year or two are a great vindication of what they have always said. It is astonishing our political class was, in general, so stupidly incompetent as not to see what people of simple common sense out there, in the world of business and real life, have been able to see for many years.

2. They are blessedly devoid of political correctness, and do not share the polite absence of every serious political ideal of the other big parties. Farage left promising career prospects within the Conservative party for an organisation considered a fringe group of lunatics for many years. I prefer a man of conviction to one hundred prostitutes of politics a’ la Cameron. I also like the open, provocative, and I would say Mundaborian style of Farage.

3. They are the best way of expressing a truly conservative vote around. In times when the Tories are so perverted in their own way of thinking as to allow their PM to tell them sodomarriage is “conservative” without throwing him away on the spot, there is no better way to help the Conservatives become Conservative again than to vote UKIP. 

Motive number 3 is, if you ask me, really the key. You don’t have to agree with all they say, or with half of what they say; but it is wise to look at what will unavoidably happen within the Conservative party as the UKIP grows.

Cameron has “cameronised” the party and made it the political toy of a bunch of prostitutes of politics, and perverts. He would sell his mother to whoredom and tell you it’s the “conservative” thing to do if he would think it brings him some votes. He has no scruples, no conscience, no morals whatever. A vote for the Conservatives now would mean a vote helping them to continue on this road. 

The last example of this is the leaked suggestions made to his Catholic MPs to go to Mass more often; whilst he supports sodomarriage, is against the right of Christians to wear the cross in the office, and in favour of owners of B&B to be forced to have sodomites under their roof.

If this isn’t being a little whore of politics, I don’t know what is. Then they complain Farage isn’t always politeness itself.

Truly, if you are a Conservative and love the Tories of old, the last you should do now is to vote the chameleons.

As to the mayoral election, I suggest you give Boris your second vote. The beauty of the electoral system is that you can give him your second vote and be – in actual fact – sure it will count exactly as if you had given him the first. I suggest you give the first to the UKIP candidate to send a signal, or to anyone else. What is in my eyes important is that you send a clear message the new Boris – the PC nincompoop in the hands of his PR advisers – is not your first choice, though of course apart from Satan himself few would be a worse choice than Livingstone.

End of the advertisement. Now for some classical music…


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