Anus Atque Onus

No, this is just because Francis does not like you...

You know those old people who keep talking of their own impending demise merely in order to hear others assuring them they still have long years in front of them? Well, one of them is Pope.

It is now rather “officially unofficial” that TMAHICH does not think of resigning. Not in the least. The “my pontificate will not be long” blabber had only one aim: to play the old man with his thoughts now oh so directed to heaven, whilst – if you ask me – a more worldly Pope may never have darkened the magnificent doors of the Vatican City.

Resigning? The Humble Pope likes the perks of the job all right. His ego has expanded more than his circumference. Who knows, perhaps the expansion of the second will put an end to the expansion of the first?

I am a tad disappointed as I would have preferred further hints at a possible future resignation. Just to make my day a bit better, you see. But honestly, I would not have believed them in that case, either. An excuse to feel forced – in all humbleness – to keep wreaking damage would be easy to find anyway.

No, the Unholy Father was just being coquettish. Look at me, the humble old man. Look at me, the one who is not about career at all. Look at me, the Great Mercy Reformer. But most of all: look at me.

I do not wish him a long pontificate, and therefore cannot wish him – now that it is clear he wants to die in office – a long life. I am reminded of Schopenhauer rather dry mot d’esprit when the old woman to whom he was forced to pay a pension died: obit anus, abit onus. “The old (woman) dies, the burden goes away”.

Those same words I hope I will write, on this blog, rather sooner than later; because if you love the Church for tea and not only as an empty slogan you cannot, you most certainly cannot wish for this pontificate to go on for another day; nay, for another hour. Not, of course, out of hate for the man; but out of love for the Church.

Still, it is consoling to think that the Lord has Francis on an “at will” employment contract. He can fire Francis anytime, and without any notice period at all. Bam. Gone. Next.

I will submit to His wisdom in this, and will do my best to live with the punishment God has sent us every day.

But I think it’s clear what I desire for the Church: that the old man dies, and the burden goes away.

Pray that the Lord, in His own good time, frees us from this scourge.

It’s hard enough to have to endure such a Pope to also have to deal with the coquettish remarks, and shattered hopes.




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  1. Yea, as coquettish as Tweety Bird.

  2. Ever heard of Sapamurat Niyazov, better known as “Turkmenbashi” or the “father of all Turkmen”? He’s the former maximum and I mean maximum ruler of Turkmenistan. Anyway, every year at the party congress (read “Turkmenbashi butt-kissing fest), just as things were winding up, he would say…………..”OK, I’m not getting any younger, it’s now time to start thinking about a successor.”

    What would follow would be anguished wails of “Noooooooooo………noooooooo!!!!” from a chorus of sycophantic and obsequious underlings, each one attempting to outdo the other in a show of faux loyalty and devotion.

    The maximum leader’s purpose was two-fold. Firstly to see which underlings were not showing the expected degree of sycophancy and secondly, to bask in the obsequious fawnings of the shoe-lickers.

    I see parallels here with Pope Francis’….”it’s going to be a short papacy”.

  3. I notice he tends to come out with this whenever his media attention fades.

  4. Don’t forget what McCarrick said in his speech to Villanova University. He was asked by a mysterious figure from “the Vatican” to talk up this man – and that if once pope he had five years he would reform the Church. At the fast pace this evil is being done all he needs is five years – then a nice retirement so he can drive his little car all over and dispense the wisdom of an elder. Remember – there is no agenda – what Poor Francis says is what he means – it’s not hidden anywhere – the evil is in plain sight. I will not pray for his demise, but for his salvation.

  5. Robbie Sherman

    I’m not so sure the Pope has decided to die in office. He speaks too much of the example Benedict has set. Let’s not forget, he is the epitome of a “Spirit of VII” cleric so the novelty of retirement is probably not a novelty to him. He seems to love everything Paul VI did, including mandatory retirement, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him apply that to the papacy and, possibly, mandate it for future pontiffs.

    Right now because of the speed with which he’s attempting to demolish Catholicism, the only solace I find is in examining the backgrounds of those who could succeed him. From top to bottom, they are Ranjith, Burke, Piacenza, Bagnasco, Pell, Scola, and the wildcard of Moraglia. Unfortunately for Moraglia, the Pope refuses to elevate him, likely because of his traditional views and Siri association. In fact, he’d be my first choice if he ever gets a red hat.

    • We must, however, consider that the man does not care a straw for whatever he says; therefore we have fluff on one side (the talk) and boundless vanity on the other.

  6. Let’s not forget divine intervention. Pope Leo’s 100 years of Satanic infiltration of the Church had to have a start date (Oct. 1917 – Russian Revolution?) and so an end date (Oct 2017?) the end of this period of disorientation will usher in a renewed Church (in a good way) and the ‘era of peace’. Help is on its way, nasty though things will be in the world and the Church during the meantime.

    • That’s all too vague. The start of 1917 is very arbitrary, and Modernism was already on a roll when Pius X became Pope in 1903. Plus, “one hundred year” can easily be a symbolic number, not “one less that 101”. Modern man thinks in terms of exactness and scientific precision unknown to the generations before Quartz watches and laser machines.

      We only know that at some point this mess will end. But the Blessed Virgin of Quito warned us before that moment all will seem lost.

      So things will get worse before they get better, and no one really knows when and how.

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