Mercy Kills Unborn Babies

Every now and then, the Unholy Father says a word or two about abortion. It never is a real frontal attack, because apparently we all know he is a son of the Church so why talk like a Pope; but at least it is something.

The problem with that is that the radical Neopagan ideology of the man makes his words sound hollow – or rather, appear hypocritical and no more than a fig leaf – even when he happens to say something which, in itself, is right.

Francis has been aggressively promoting the new “religion of mercy” for months now, and more aggressively so since the slap he got in October. This new, continuously promoted alternative religion has no place for God's justice, at least for the almost totality of people of whatever faith and none. If God cannot be imagined as doing more than slapping us on the wrist, every kind of crime will ultimately be unpunished. If atheists are saved if they follow their conscience, faith as a necessary ordinary requirement – together with work – for salvation is completely forgotten. If God is “in love with us”, the relationship between the Creator and His creatures that is so emotionally evoked is not the one of a loving, but when necessary severe father, but the one of a sixteen years old girl upon beholding the young man of her dreams.

Besides being profoundly heathenish, this thinking kills babies.

In this kind of New Age, “We Are All So Wonderful And Unconditionaly Loved” pretend religion there is no sanction whatever for being Stalin, much less for the murder of an unborn child. Everything is wonderfully aimed at a wonderful final destination upon reaching which we will know in what wonderful ways God wonderfully provided for all the people we have aborted, or gassed, whilst following our conscience or, more simply, whilst being a tad naughty and getting a slap on the wrist. God, who is so madly in love with us, will always forgive us everything, so why worry? And actually, who is everyone to judge?

This is what kills unborn babies. This refusal to put a woman in front of the atrocity of what she is about to commit, and to the terrible pain of hell that following one's “conscience” can easily lead to, is all Satan needs in order to whisper to the mother that there is nothing to be worried about, her murdered baby “will be fine” because “God is Lurv”, and she will obviously be fine because she follows her wonderful conscience where the Spirit leads her.

In the age of mercy, an holocaust of unborn children produces nothing but… mercy. If Hitler had been a woman he could have imagined all those millions Jews happily basking in the grace of God, and would have died believing himself a saint. On a smaller scale, many feminist and dissenting nuns do exactly the same; only, they do not dispose of their own Vernichtungsmaschine and must be content with accompanying – morally or physically – young mothers to the slaughterhouse of their own babies.

Francis does, in a slightly subtler way, exactly the same. His blabbering about a mercy deprived of justice is an open invitation to every kind of selfish cruelty, an “all you can sin” buffet without even the digestion problems, a new religion that makes a mockery not only of God, but of the very concept of religion.

Next time Francis says a line or two about abortion, use it to be reminded which side's work he is making.



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  1. I heartily agree. It makes me sick that we can’t tell a woman who has killed her baby that she has committed a terrible crime. We are going into the darkness very quickly. Seems to me Our Lady has been recommending The Rosary as our only source of help.

  2. You’re in good company here Mundabor. The Roman Catholic writer from the American South, Flannery O’Connor, put it succinctly:

    “In the absence of faith, we govern by tenderness, and tenderness leads to the gas chamber.” from O’Connor’s “A Memoir of Mary Ann”

  3. I asked a tradition priest where do aborted babies go? can they get to heaven? Can we ‘baptize them conditionally’ while we pray outside abortion clinics? The answer to questions was a very firm NO!
    So, for every Bishop, Cardinal, Priest who put aside their ‘privileged’ position and welched at the chance to stop the Abortion law coming in or encourage the Pill or any other kind of contraception where there is a conception, they are IN TROUBLE BIG TIME!

    • Exactly.
      The answer must be a very firm no.
      Otherwise, no mother would be better than the one who aborts her children, and I would reproach my mother every day for not having aborted me.

      Who gives a dried fig for some decades of earthly life when assured paradise awaits, and no danger of hell at all…

      If aborted babies went to paradise, the very act of being born would be a favour made to Satan…


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