Cruz Wins, Clinton Struggles In Iowa



“Let me first of all say: to God be the glory”

You never, ever hear such statements in European politics. To the vast majority of them God is an embarrassment, and those few who think the other way refrain from such open statements of allegiance. Ted Cruz does not refrain, and he seems not to care in the least that he will be soon be portrayed as the devil (a devil they don’t like; the real one they do like) by the libtard dominated media. 

It is worth mentioning that the incipit of Cruz’ speech was edited in other mainstream US media, and I had to watch the proto-communist “Guardian” to find it unedited. I don’t buy the editorial necessity of cutting God away from the victory speech of a very Christian candidate. It goes to show how bad it is when you are afraid of having God mentioned. 

This is a great start for Cruz, who went on to get a record victory in a state in which the polls had given him consistently trailing Trump. Here’s hoping that he will limit the damage in secular New Hampshire, and then go on to sweep the delegate-rich South in March and April.

I want to mention (though you might have forgotten altogether) that Jeb Bush still hasn’t retired from the race, and is now defending a solid 3% in the polls. Wasted money. Rick “Bruce Jenner is a woman” Santorum is not even on the radar screen, and at this point he might well even renounce to the announcement that he is suspending the campaign as no one would take notice anyway. Learn the lesson, Ricky boy: Christians want a leader who puts his mouth where his faith is. Start politicking and courting the other side, and you will discover there’s a price to pay. The freshest Republican candidate of 2012 is the biggest idiot of 2016, blinded by ambition the very moment he thought he had a real chance and doomed since. 

On the Evil Side, things are happening I (and, I am sure, many others) did not consider possible just a month ago. As I write this we do not even know who has won on the side of the Libtards. A 74 years old, clearly socialist, entirely “protest” candidate is almost robbing Hillary of the victory. The man seems to be a catalyst for the adolescent rage of the stupid, the young, and the professional angry. An old man for the pimple-plagued; but also, it seems, another result of the refusal of the Democratic grassroots to have a candidate imposed on them from above, and who had his path cleared for her so that no electable alternative was available. It turns out the voters chose, in great numbers, the unelectable one. What a dream scenario (albeit a still unrealistic one) if the race were to be Cruz against Sanders, a bit a remake (though Reagan was an incumbent) of the Reagan vs Mondale massacre in 1984. 

Talking about the past, let me say that I felt 35 years younger this morning. This reminds me of the winter and summer of 1980, when I was a teenager watching from the other side of the ocean a candidate that, for European standards, seemed just landed from Mars aggressively take on the defeatism, cowardice, and outright incompetence of a stupid libtard elite and go on to a glorious victory in November.

It seems that whenever the United States plunge into a spiral of stupidity, the good Lord helps them (we shall see whether directly in 2016) to get back on their feet and recover sanity after paying the price of their own reckless idiocy. Let’s hope this will be the story of 2016.

To God be the glory, indeed.




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  1. Long year ahead of ourselves, Mundabor. Pace yourself!

  2. The problem with Cruz is that he is bought and paid for by the establishment. Also, he has no chance against Hilary the psychopath. Only Trump has a chance to beat her as the elites will do all to get her elected. If Cruz or anyone else gets the Republican nomination it will only be as the designated loser to Hilary (and yes I think the voting was rigged)…God help us all, as I predict Hilary will, indeed, be the next President of the USA.

    • Poppicock.

      Trump is every bit a crony capitalist, and Cruz is disliked by his own party. Trump is also one who has discovered his social conservatism when he started to smell the sweet scent of the White House, and has a past of supporter of… Hillary.

      Hillary is all but a psychopath. She a ruthless power machine, and she will do whatever it takes to get the nomination. Unless her alcohol problems stop her in her tracks, I can’t see her losing the nomination.

      I see her winning easily against Trump, as her government past helps her to profile herself against a populist with a worrying tendency to talk when he should better shut up (he could shoot someone on the 5th avenue and not lose one supporter, eh? Can you imagine the mess if Cruz had said that?). I see her losing badly against both Cruz and Rubio, who bring a degree of statesmanship Trump sorely lacks.

      The only thing I like of Trump is the wonderful political incorrectness, and the obvious desire to not bend to the rule sof niceness politics. But he is trying to invent a conservative virginity he never had.


  3. I am following the political campaigns a bit and am frankly a lot more impressed with Rubio, a Catholic than with Cruz, a Baptist. I was afraid at first that Rubio would be beholding to questionable bishops, but I am more afraid of Cruz on that score now. His wife’s career is with Goldman Sacks investment bank; they are very well off and he is more prone to be taken along by the political elite. Rubio did better than Cruz on foreign policy issues
    in the debates and I think he has a deeper Faith and is more balanced and sincere as a person. He also did very well in Iowa.
    It is also a good sign that the Catholic elitists have not backed him so much , but Cruz. We do not need a Baptist Biden. Cruz joked apparently approvingly about the condom machine in the men’s room when he was a college student and the fact he has 2 children when he was asked about birth control, not to mention the
    very questionable “Flash Dancing” movie clip he tweeted to his rival.
    He also made a negative campaign video ad about Rubio in which he cut the video so that he misrepresented Rubio’s stated opinion by quoting him out of context.

    • I do not trust Rubio, a 100% man of the establishment. My suspicion is that once elected, the man will discover a strong “middle of the road” vocation; not his fault, you see; it’s just the political situation at the moment etc.

      Cruz seems to me to have quite another drive, and the fact that you (and others) must go back to picking jokes apparently made in college speaks volumes about his integrity and coherence.


  4. Britain Allows Mad Scientists to Create Genetically Modified Babies, is Fetal Farming Next?

    I assume His Assness will make a strong statement against this evil action, including excommunicating any Catholics involved.

  5. It would be nice if the freemasons in the race gave the courtesy to put an (F) mark after their names, so we could know, but alas…

    It’s interesting that you see a large Cruz victory in a Cruz vs. Sanders showdown. Regardless of the nominee, it is hard to see which states the Republicans can pick up vs. 2012.

    • I think it played a role that the caucus system favours the activists? I can easily see many more independents – or people normally disillusioned with politics – flocking to vote for Trump in the next primaries, and Sanders getting out of the game as the mainstream democrats prevail over the activist and the young angry ones.

  6. Mundy be wary of the Cruz the right wing Christian story line. I am a trad Catholic and would love to have a Christian as a candidate. As far as Ted’s love for God look at what his ex-campaign exec, Don Fairly, said after quitting just days before Iowa primary. Look up his ties to Wall Street & R. Mercer and his bashing of the Council on Foreign Relations “a pernicious nest of snakes” that is “working to undermine our sovereignty.” He previously called the CFR “a pit of vipers” during a speech delivered on October 13, 2011, while omitting to acknowledge that his Goldman Sachs wife was serving as a member of said Council for 5 yrs. See how he maneuvered Senate vote to push through Obamatrade then voted against it when his vote didn’t matter anymore. Ted the Tea Party Warrior battling against the Establishment is a slick story line. Presidential politics in the US is trillion dollar business and I fear we are being played yet again.

  7. It was nice to have some good news for a change! I’m glad that the Republican winner of the Iowa Caucus was Ted Cruz (your fave, Mr. M 😊). I watched the coverage last night and he gave an inspiring victory speech. He paid tribute to both of his parents, who were on stage with him, thanking them for their support and belief in him his whole life. That brought tears to my eyes. Also, Sen. Rubio finished a strong third. In his speech to his supporters, he thanked “my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”. It was truly uplifting to hear politicians give the glory to God. After the last seven years of the current disastrous regime, I hope the November election will give America the chance to be a great country again.

    • I found it astonishing that after such a beautiful victory speech (I have read the transcript of everything that was broadcast) there shoul dbe people complaining he talked too much. Heavens, will they ever be happy of anything, anything at all in life?
      The man is a true conservative powerhouse.

  8. Cruz isn’t the conservative Catholic that people imagine he is. He publically praised Nelson Mandela, and his parents were Pro-Castro.

  9. The statement in my previous comment by Cruz about the condoms in the college men’s room was spoken recently in answer to a reporter questioning him about his attitude towards contraception. He glibly replied on camera that he believed in contraception, has only 2 children and that there was a condom dispenser in the men’s room when he was in college. He is 44 now, married and presenting himself as a faithful Christian, but he seems to allude to fornication as o.k., condom use as something equivalent to brushing one’s teeth, and the limiting of a family size to be an arbitrary choice.

    • Again, what the heck?
      Did you expect him to be the perfect Catholic and are now disappointed he isn’t?
      And no, what you report does not “seem to allude” anything, this is what you have decided to have him say.
      In what exactly, pray, has Trump better credentials in anything (besides marketing) than Cruz?
      As to Rubio, I have seen video excerpts of the Saturday debate and the man made me cringe. I was so embarrassed for him, it was like watching “the office” (the English version, which is brutal).

    • No Mundy, Bernie Sanders is not my candidate and that does not refute anything about Ted Cruz. As a long time reader I am surprised at your ad hominem attack on me. The GOP establishment has paved the way for Jeb! They have changed primary voting rules (see FL), set up primary foil candidates, garnered their favorite attack dog, Christie, let Microsoft count the votes, etc. They gave us McCain and Mittens the Mormon. Jeb! plan A isn’t working as well as they planned but they are not deterred. They are talking brokered convention already (NH Gov). They have a roadmap. The Dems have Hilliary. The power brokers have both sides that will take their marching orders and proceed with their plans.  The parallels to this election and the last conclave are eerily similar.

    • What you write here has no bearing to what you have written in the other post, and as a long time reader you should know that when I read nonsense I have no qualms in saying it.

      You have still not said whom you support.


  10. Mund, Cruz’s parents didn’t just “think” nice things about Castro, they actively supported him. Read the article. BTW, the lady who wrote the article, and her family, suffered under the Castro dictatorship, so maybe she should be listened to.

    • Grow up, Stephen.
      If in your country you elect presidents because of their fathers’ political opinion, I am not surprised at all you landed people like Carter and Obama.

  11. Joe Biden should enter the race. As Barry Soetoro was the first sodomite president, “catholic” Biden would be the first tranny:

    Biden says transgender discrimination ‘civil rights issue of our time’

    • I wished he would enter the race, too.
      I would say it’s too late now even if the rule of the party allow, as there would be the need to organise the entire machinery (and finance) in such short time.
      I can’t imagine Sanders will make it, but it would be another dream scenario for us, as Biden would have been.

  12. It doesn’t matter at all, all of them are the same gang including evil clown and his minions. Their first priority is to destroy the Roman Catholic Church. Lord save us.

  13. Re Cruz and contraception:
    M, “..that is what you decided to have him say”

    Cruz speaking for himself:

    • Alas, this is a Protestant. We must support him and pray that he finds the right way about contraception, too.

      But this is a moot point, really. We knew already he isn’t Catholic. We also notice that no Catholic candidate has been nearly as consistent on conservative positions as Cruz. Rubio does not even attend (from what I have red) catholic mass, and still goes as a catholic. Jeb Bush is a sellout of tragic proportions. Santorum even espoused gender theory. Trump would make his abortionist sister Supreme Court judge.

      When we criticise a candidate, we must reflect what our alternative is.


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