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The Pope Who Was Duped








Three years ago yesterday, Pope Benedict stunned the world announcing his abdication.

I have written often that I do not believe in any conspiracy theory, and that this fabrication of abstruse hypotheses is always the ideal way for the very grumpy to create a bespoke reality for themselves. I am, also, fully persuaded that Benedict would not lie, and did what he did exactly for the reasons he said: the desire to have a strong Pope rather than a frail one in times in which a strong man – which he, alas, knew he wasn’t – was necessary.

The intention was, if you ask me, perfectly fine. The man had seen JP II in his last years, and I agree with him the Papacy does not deserve that. You can talk as much as you want about the sacredness of the papal office, but if the sacred office ends up exercised by other people who have not been elected Pope I have a problem with that, too. I still commend the courage, and approve of the intention. It is my personal forecast that as medicine advances and the number of Popes living, but unable to exercise their office properly, increases, so will the abdications. And let us remind ourselves that an abdication is not sinful at all, if done with the right intention, for the good of the Church.

However, it seems to me that Benedict was very naive, and was duped by his own people. His abdication can only have been the fruit of a gross misreading of the intentions and general quality of the cardinals he entrusted with the task of choosing his successor. I cannot imagine the man would have abdicated unless reasonably sure that his successor would have continued his work. And if his successor had continued his work, no one would spend great quantities of ink about his resignation now. 

No, what I think has happened is something very simple: the man thinks he has the “right” conclave, and the conclave will pick a man he sees as ideal continuation of his work. Someone like Scola, say. He does not expect a man of almost eighty, and already defeated once, to be in any way papabile. He probably thinks a sufficient number of Cardinals think and feel like him, and will do what is natural to them.

Here we see a constant of Benedict XVI as well as of JP II. They were rather too innocent – in the wrong way – and easily duped by cunning schemers. Some of the most disastrous episcopal appointments of the modern Church are Benedict’s appointments or Benedict’s promotions. Clearly, as we now know, the same applied to Cardinals.

Benedict always seemed to me, to use the English expression, “too clever by half”. He thought he had achieved the right balance between senseless “liberalism” and a conservatism he felt could damage the Church. He thought he and his successors would slowly, but surely lead the Church on the right path, without great strife and controversy (let us remind ourselves: the years of Benedict were already seeing a clear rise in vocations). He thought himself smart enough for a dangerous balancing act, and a balancing act which – from the perspective of us Traditionalists – is sinful, because heavily compromising with Truth in the first place. Still, he thought he could pull this rabbit out of his hat, and resigned confidently believing his work would have been continued.

Otherwise, he would not have resigned, and I think it very offensive to the old man to state he would simply think “I have had enough now, just let me have a quiet retirement”.

Benedict was duped, big time. He failed to read both the evil intent and the incompetence of too many Cardinals. He thought he was maneuvering brilliantly, and he was leading the barque of Peter towards very dangerous rocks. He just did not see it coming. Again: too clever by half.

Benedict is now punished by a just Lord, and forced to see his work raped every single day. A fitting punishment, if you ask me, for believing that a balancing act can be achieved between the right and the wrong Church.

Sanity is achieved by expunging insanity. There can be no compromises. Try to walk this (evil) tightrope, and you may end up with Bergoglio.

Depending on how long the Evil Clown remains Pope, and barring the intervention of the Holy Ghost, Benedict’s massive misjudgment of the conclave he would leave behind may have consequences for many decades to come. Already a libtard like Tagle is advertised around as probable successor. God forbid such a disgrace is inflicted on the Church!

Benedict’s intentions were certainly good. Good, I mean, as far as a V II Pope’s intention can be good. But you see, V II is bad, and there can be no good way of going around doing bad things.

I wonder if he realises it now. But I am afraid he will die a V II Pope.

Pray for Benedict. The Pope who was duped.






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Possibly The Greatest Cartoon Ever…


Courtesy of reader Akita, I received a link to a short Remnant article based on the cartoon you see above. The title means “Padre Pio arrives in Rome”.

Very funny, and very true!

Enjoy, and try not to spill the coffee….






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