The Crowds That Never Came

Say no to clowns...

Say no to clowns…


And it came to pass the Evil Clown launched this beautiful initiative, the Year of False Mercy, with only months of notice. After that, he proceeded to complain that the city was not ready for the event – never mind the short notice – and much more would have to be done to prepare the city for the predictable onslaught of the Adoring Crowds.

Vanitas vanitatum!

The crowds never came. They are simply nowhere to be seen. The city now chooses to retract the emergency that should never have been and lifts the ban on snacks vendors’ vans in the strategic points of the Vatican on most days. Not exempted remain only those days in which the Commissario (Rome is under a Commissioner at the moment; long story…) is obliged – both for a problem of etiquette and to avoid the accusation of being rash if the unforeseen should happen on a couple of occasions – to believe that there might be some sort of crowd, at some point, after all.  

It truly is funny. The man has made such a noise about the necessity of being ready. He has warned about the pilgrims flocking to see the Freak Wonder of Circus Bergoglio, the Heretical Pope Surrounded By Homos.

Alas, nowadays the real Catholics are asking St Michael to be protected from the man, and the fake Catholics have decided that there is no point in flying to Rome to hear the same fluff they can hear pretty much everywhere, from pretty much everyone, but with a loss less rambling.

Better go to Vegas, no? 

The snack van owners can now rejoice (so to speak) for their ability to not sell their snacks to vast, totally absent crowds. The flop is more or less officially declared. Pope Francis looks like an idiot. 

Eh, wait. I know why…



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  1. Vegas is not all tawdriness, sin and squalor. There is a most beautiful TLM with chant every Sunday at St Bridget’s parish about a mile east of The Strip. 0930 every Sunday. When in Vegas Mundaborites, go there.

    • I didn’t mean to berate Vegas as squalid. I wanted to convey the idea that that kind of “c”atholic is likely to choose the fun rather than the pilgrimage.

  2. The kind of people who resonate with Bergoglio’s message are: 1. anti-intellectual, anti-classical Western civilization; 2. pleasure-seeking.

    Why would they travel to Rome? Certainly they got over their rosaries and prayers long ago. Sainthood doesn’t inspire them – it is for Pharisees and elitists. To get a glimpse of a rather unattractive celebrity-clown?

    His face is everywhere, why bother?

    I know him by his fruit – adoring crowds of ignorant. lazy people, as lukewarm about Jesus Christ as they are enthusiastic about shallow entertainments.

  3. Oh I know that, M. We know there area lot of good, hard working people in Glitter Gulch. There are even pockets of high culture in Las Vegas. The dining is world class, as is the art of mixology. No place in the West is all bad.

    There is an ultra kitch, rather seedy hotel in Vegas called Circus Circus. The pope would be in his element there.

  4. The Vatican nowadays is the Cirque du Pédés. The masses prefer to see the original flying fairies that are more entertaining and in shape, unlike the one most devoted to grappa and tiramisú.

  5. Mundabor, isn’t it obvious why no crowds? We have all taken the environmental encyclical to heart and have cut down all travel to a minimum. Additionally, I’ve turned my air conditioner off for the winter.

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