The Remnant Will Be Strong

Deo gratias...

Twelve SSPX seminarians take the cassock (one of the steps towards priesthood) in France. Further nine do so in Germany.

It is difficult not to be impress by the numbers, or pleased at what they mean.

It is not only that the Traditionalist plant is strong. It is, more tellingly, that these young seminarians know that they are choosing to be priests in a much different environment that it was thinkable only one decade ago. To them, persecution is more than a vague possibility. It is, if things continue to go on this way, a factual certainty.

And yet, God inspires them to give their lives to Him, uncaring of consequences, and very probably the more motivated because of them.

The good tree gives good fruits. What is Francis' tree producing besides a fluffy new world religion, environ-mentalism, socialist kindergarten talk and illegal Muslim immigration?

As the corrupted mainstream V II withers and dies, the remnant grows strong and ready to give battle.

In your charity, consider saying your rosary of today for these brave souls.



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  1. Globally, 45 took cassacks and tonsured at SSPX seminaries for 2015/2016.

    Waiting for the figures on the Ecclesia Dei crowd, but they should also be very positive.

    Don’t know if I mentioned it, but Card.Burke was in Poland end of last week and this week. Pontifical High Mass, first by card in Krakow since VII. And better yet, in a church that was “formerly occupied” by the Jesuits. It’s a spectacular church, and I hope the authorites (Card. Dziwisz) gives it to the FSSP.

    But anyways….

    Lectures in Poznan and Krakow were packed, with people standing in hallways to hear the Great Cardinal.

    All in all, good fruit is being produced in the Universal Church. But the best is definately in the SSPX.

    Archbishop Lefebvre, ora pro nobis….

    … and Santo Subito!

  2. The tree of Vatican II was poisonous. All its fruits are therefore poisonous, too (and that includes the more moderate or “conservative” ones such as the “hermeneutics of continuity”: their poison, being more subtle, deceptively similar to real Catholicism in many ways, is even more dangerous to men of good will). Only those Catholics who refuse to eat the poisonous fruit will avoid getting poisoned.

    Whatever is poisoned will wither and die, unless it takes the antidote, which is Traditional Catholicism. Half-measures and compromise will not work. There is no viable compromise between insanity and sanity. There is no continuity between life and death, health and illness, poisonous and wholesome fruit. The poisoned tree needs to be uprooted and thrown to the fire, and the healthy one restored, fully restored. It may take fifty years or even a few centuries, but that is what needs to be done – so it will be done in the end, because Christ will never betray his Bride.

    The SSPX could be “reconciled” today if only it accepted a tiny little sample of poisonous fruit from the Tree of Vatican II. They refuse. They refused in 2012 when the offer was much more tempting. They will not eat the fruit the serpent of modernism wishes to feed them. Not even one tiny bite as a fraternal symbol of compromise. That is their greatness. May they never stray even one inch from that path and forever pass on and hold sacred what they have received so that some day it may be returned inviolate to a violated Mother when she finally wants it.

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