Possibly The Greatest Cartoon Ever…


Courtesy of reader Akita, I received a link to a short Remnant article based on the cartoon you see above. The title means “Padre Pio arrives in Rome”.

Very funny, and very true!

Enjoy, and try not to spill the coffee….







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  1. Hello Mundabor, an austrian reader here, I’ve recently visited Argentina because of my job and Argentine people are very, very angry with Francis, the sole mention of his name triggered an endless stream of insults and accusations which ranged from complicity with the corrupt goverment of Cristina Ferndandez to .. ¿how to put it mildly? well certain aspects of his “private life” which are also suggested in the cartoon of this entry. I was shocked by the horrible things people told me about him, seems that in his own country Francis is a very well known nasty piece of work.

    • Thanks, Liselotte (what a beautiful name BTW…; don’t tell me your husband’s name is Werther…).

      Your comment (of the bad, conniving, possibly homosexual Pope) echoes what has been written often here.

      oportet ut scandala eveniant. It is not only not sinful, but dutiful to expose the corruption of the clergy whenever it is clear that said clergy keep working in the dark to damage the Church.

      Feel free to publish here events and rumours related to you.


  2. thanks Mundabor but no, my husband’s name is Manfred! One of the things that most angered argentine people Francis was his support to the corrupt and calamitous govement of Cristina Fernandez, most people refered Francis as a “Papa Peronista” and someone who entered the religious life as a cover up to pander political lefty ideologies like castrism, sandinism and others so much in vogue in Southamerica during the 60’s and 70’s, this makes perfect sense to me. Argentine people were very angry about the papal silence on the local corruption while he was very vocal condemnig corruption in Europe and the developed world in general, people were also infuriated by the constant stream of peronist and south american politicians (many suspected of acts of corruption that defy imagination) to the Vatican to have audiences with him, not to mention the many argentines celebrities he received many of them with dubious moral antecedents and many openly homosexual. this was extremly repudiated by a big share of Argentine people who pointed to me that Francis refused to receive politicians, journalists and intelectuals who dissent with peronist ideology.

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