Francis: Salvation Through Evil Works

Pope Francis has praised Emma Bonino as a “great Italian” and has, once more, showed what a died-in-the-wool godless, secular minded person he is. Astonishingly (if we did not know him), he praised her not for any kind of, say, repentance and reform, but for her deeds.

You couldn’t make it up.

In Italy you don’t need to be “right wing” in any particular way to deeply despise the woman. A rabid feminist, who has procured countless abortions and has boasted of it, the woman was also famous for other kinds of stunts, like smoking weed in the face of policemen in order to be arrested, with the press obviously in attendance. Short of being lesbian, there is no way you could find a higher degree of aggressive bitchiness than the one that made Emma Bonino a famous character in Italy. And I ain’t sure she hasn’t tried that, too.

As she became old, the witch became more “institutional”, and a tad less insufferable. This allowed her to climb the ladders or power, to the point of becoming, inter alia, Foreign Affairs Minister. But there is no sign she has become any wiser, apart from the occasional whining about not having become a mother. In this regard I must add that the hypothetical father would have been the subject of wild speculation, then this one here is one of those feminist, “free lurv” bitches whose bitchiness did not prevent, by her own admission, a ready and very public extra marital opening of legs, even in times when such things were considered extremely shameful by your average citizen. But it’s all for the cause, you know. No doubt this queen of sluts is now the darling of a slutty generation.

Bitchy, witchy, with countless lives on her conscience, promoting the use of drugs and all sort of sexual license; and a notorious slut to boot. Is it a surprise Francis likes her so much?

No, it isn’t. Francis likes her because the two are carved out of the same wood. Francis sides, and has always sided, with the Emma Boninos of this world. He has merely chosen a more convenient way to do so as he has scrounged an entire existence out of the very institution he has always hated.

Francis is being, as so often, heretical, because it is Catholicism 101 that works without faith do not save. But Francis is also being, so to speak, heretical twice, because no sane person would associate Emma Bonino with anything else (even if now with more salon-like manners) than refusal of Catholic values and way of life.

What is all boils down to, then, is that this Royal Ass suggests to the world that evil works save. Satanic. Or, I should say, Bergoglian.


Time to depose the man.

He can’t be allowed to go on like this without creating more damage for the Church he so obviously hates.



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  1. How lawfully would a Pope be deposed? Maybe I am taking you too literally, sir, but I wonder what must happen to persuade the man he is wholly unfit for the job. And get him to leave. I am no expert at all, but I believe that a deposition would probably involve the cooperation of those who elected Francis in the first place. Hmmmm.

    In my view, Francis is just out of control and revels in it. The Remnant petition ought to have made him think twice about his responsibilities, but he appears not to think at all. Sometimes, I wish some Canon lawyer would unearth a credible legal loophole that makes Benedict’s resignation null and void. I miss that lovely, dignified and gentle man very much.

    Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.

    • There is a page on my blog (look the upper side) which explains the mechanisms.

      No, it would, strictly speaking, not necessary to have the Cardinals who elected him. It’s the bishops in an extraordinary council (perfect or imperfect) who depose a Pope, not the Cardinals.

      However, I can easily imagine that even many of those who stupidly elected Bergoglio are now appalled at their lack of, as they say today, “research” (or I should say: discernment) about the man. Bergoglio is on the left of most cardinals, bar the homos and the madmen.


  2. In days gone by, when someone asked a question to which the answer was patently obvious, it would often elicit a response of, “Is the Pope Catholic?” Now, however, that doesn’t work anymore, because I don’t think the current Pope is. At least, not in any meaningful way.

  3. Mundabor, this is what Catholicism has turned into: an amalgamated melange of intellectual fashion, pseudo-leftist ideology and cultural pandering. Any resemblance to Christ, let alone to the Catholicism of the past, is purely coincidental and unintentional.

    Francis is a Jesuit. That says it all. The Jesuit order has been the most secularlized and worldly for decades, now. Francis not only is the natural product of this order but also of Catholicism’s infatuation with the elements I described above.

  4. Agreed. The bishops are nothing if not self-serving careerists. Even if there is such a movement, those who support Francis will draw out their knives against those involved in tht movement.

  5. I keep trying to keep up, and you keep beating me to it. Keep doing it. Don you have the Jeopardy game show in Italy or UK? This was my effort today:

  6. ” Bergoglio is on the left of most cardinals, bar the homos and the madmen. ”

    Well, really now Mr. M, think about it….that doesn’t leave a very large number does it? Perhaps, and sadly probably, well less than half (?)


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