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Victors Against Hitler… Now Worse Than Him


Take Heed!


I have read some days ago the stunning figures about the vocations in the (very conservative) diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. They are near those of the diocese of Los Angeles, which is more than 40 times bigger.

Yesterday, the further news came of a new Oratory about to be started in Southampton.

It is undeniable that whenever Catholicism is taken seriously, it grows. It grows, in fact, even if not based on the TLM or on orthodox Traditionalism.

In contrast, the Church of Social Envy shrinks every year, and its rate of decay is now becoming apparent even to the most stupid.

I must say that I am sincerely worried for both the Oratorians and the diocese of Lincoln. I see the time coming when their very success will cause Pope Francis to attack them directly; not necessarily because of obvious theological differences (which are clearly there. They are Catholics, he isn't but in name), but merely because their success and expansion is the most brutal evidence of the godlessness and incompetence of the Church of Illegals.

Take heed, you orthodox and successful Catholics.

Your zeal makes you a target for the Evil Clown.



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