Please Pray For Father Dickson, Too!

Only hours after noticing the site of the Traditional Catholic Priest I have become aware that Fr Dickson had to retire due to health reasons. This used to be (actually, still is) one of the favourite blogs of mine; but as it always happens with me with blogs whose posts become more rare, it had fallen a bit outside of the radar screen in the last months. 

You can do much worse than visit Father’s site and let him have your words of appreciation and encouragement, and assurance of your prayers. If you don’t know him and his work believe me on my word: this is a great priest, and a great blog.

The priest will remain, albeit without a parish ministry. The blog will, I hope, remain too.

Best wishes to Father Dickson, and again prayers assured. 




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  1. I very much like Fr. Dickson’s posts and I hope that he can keep up that blog. He is mentioned daily in my Rosary, as is Fr. Carota, and a dear priest of the SSPX, Fr. Christopher Cooper, about 50 years old, who has retired due to cancer.

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