Meet The Sanders Wiccans


Fat Wiccans are “feeling the Bernie”. Hat tip to CMR

It is **not** a parody! They really *are* so stupid.

At some point there is a dude dressed in drags. I think without him the fat Wiccans would not have wanted the camera. The dogs is invited to walk in circle with them, and he might well be the most intelligent of the bunch.

The song is so atrocious even the dog must be suffering.

Boy, these people must have a shitty life.

Nothing, however, compared to what expects them if they die unrepentant.


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  1. That was hilarious in that tragi-comedy sort of way

  2. Lol I laughed the whole way through this video!
    How can people be so stupid?!?

  3. I think Pope Francis would quite enjoy that. There’s even a toddler to kiss! Lord have mercy on the lost.

  4. johnfkennedy63

    I didn’t think Wiccans shaved their armpits. Learn something every day….

  5. You guys aren’t very attentive! She did not shave. Her ‘fuzz’ is just more scarce and more pale than some.

    This whole thing was really pathetic. Just think about how you’d feel if you were one of the 4-5 followers, standing there in the park, trying to look and feel like it means something. Seriously depressing. (Or, it sucks to be them.)

  6. Holy crap..only in Vermont. What is she smoking?

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