Evil Clown Suggests Moral Equivalence Between Evangelisation And Jihad.

Look, the Great Commission can be seen as an another form of Jihad, can it not?



I try to take a mini-holiday from the Evil Clown, and I miss this.

I will say it once again: if you do not see the evil exhuding from every pore of this man something is very, very wrong with you.

This is diabolically wrong in several ways. It is astonishing how much evil this man can pack in a few sentences. If he had a drug-addicted Trannie as Pope he might be more Catholic than this tool here.

It is, firstly, satanical that a Pope would encourage the mass immigration of infidels in Europe.

Secondly, it is satanical that the violent conquest of the planet be seen not as an intrinsic element of Islam, but as a phenomenon specific to ISIS.

Thirdly, it is ridiculously contradictory that Francis factually admits, in the following breath, that the idea of conquest is, in fact, a part of Islam.

Fourthly, and in order to show even the most stupid how much he hates Christ, he produces himself in the explanation of the moral equivalence, which “could be stated”, between the Great Commission (given to the faithful) and the violent subjugation of the planet (by infidels).

The mind boggles at the thought that this man is the Pope. The sins of fifty years of V II have been terrible indeed, for us to deserve this satanical clown as, of all people, the Pope.

Pray for the end of this pontificate.



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  1. Waves of nausea beset me with each new, twisted utterance of our Pope. How can this be happening?

    The rosary brings great comfort. As does time in front of the Blessed Sacrament here in my little corner of the American frontier. A miracle indeed. God is with us, he will never abandon us.

    God Bless you, M.

    • Beautiful words, Akita, and I do share the feelings.
      The rosary is, to me too, a place of peace and consolation, a happy refuge in this mad world around us.

  2. I find the man intolerable at all times-a dire product of the Vatican 11 crisis.Mundy you hit the nail on the head about his diabolical rants and the sooner he leaves the stage the better.

  3. – Go to all corners of the world and proclaim My Name.
    – No! This smells of cultural imperialism to me! I say: breed with your brother Muslim, share with him “your food, your house, your life”.

    I will never get used to this abomination in Rome. He wants Catholics to procreate with those who deny Christ!

    It means that to the Clown Jesus does not matter. It really really does.

    One thing is a masonic plot to overthrow the Church, another is the silence of the non-masons. If they believed that Jesus is the Son of God, present here and now, living in us, they would not offend Him so. They would fear punishment for their deafening silence on this abomination.

    Proclaiming the Word of God, tending to His sheep, is the only justification of the existence of priesthood. Some days I am really angry, and not ashamed of it, no matter what these fools and traitors call me.

    • Oh, you should be angry all right. It’s righteous anger. Very salutary. Those who tell you thatbeing angry in itself is bad are the eternal cowards ready to lose all battles.

  4. This is the most blasphemous and evil thing the clown has uttered thus far.

  5. Yes, this is definitely the most evil, corrupting and truly frightening thing he has said….it makes one nauseous!!

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