The Eponymous Flower translates an article from the Italian Il Timone, which reports that mass attendance in Poland rose 0.7% in one year only. 

This may not seem much, but it is double good news: firstly because in my book 0.7% in only one year is an awful lot anyway, and secondly because this goes against the tide of a progressively de-Christianised Western Europe, starting from Italy (which should lead the pack) but involving even more massively countries like France and Spain.

It also tells the lie about the well-spread legend that religious feeling decreases as wealth increases. Poppycock, as Russia and Poland once again (I mean: for those who still don’t get that the richest country on the Planet is also pretty much the most religious) abundantly demonstrate.

This is not a miracle. This is not the deceased Not-So-Great Polish Pope suddenly throwing faith bombs on the Country. This is the result of something very banal, and very obvious:

even a little orthodoxy goes a long way.










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  1. Great news coming out of Poland, indeed!

    On the “not so great” side, Grillo splits from UKIP, wants to join forces with Verhofstadt.

    Now tell me, how does that work?

  2. ilovevictoriasbows

    Not in America.
    As for Poland, an increase in attendance could be construed as a slap in the face to Bergoglio and his pro-muslim and global warming, anti-coal (God got it wrong) ideologies.
    Trad is Rad!

  3. very banal and obvious such as? Your post seems unfinished. I guess you are going to say the WYD?

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