Archbishop Paglia “Outs” Himself. Will Francis Act?


Faggot is who faggot does: Archbishop Paglia.



When, yesterday, the news broke that Archbishop Paglia has officially “outed” himself as a homo, no one was really surprised. Like “Tucho” Fernandez  and James Martin, Archbishop Paglia reeks of sexual perversion like Francis reeks of heresy. Paglia is also behind the clearly “homoerotic” church painting he himself commissioned; a work from a fag painter who found the way to introduce, with Paglia’s consent, several obvious references to homosexuality. In addition (and I quote)

 Under the supervision of Paglia, [the fag artist] painted the bishop himself in one of the “erotic” nets, semi-nude and clutching a bearded man wearing nothing but a loose loincloth.

The Archbishop’s announcement is therefore no news for everyone who has eyes to see and a brain to think, and is not trying to die of Extreme Pollyanning.

However, the sudden announcement of the Archbishop that not only he is a homo, but in a relationship with a cook of the papal kitchen makes the situation even more scandalous – I would say, with Sir Humphrey, scandalous in an “officially official” way -.

Priests are not allowed to be homos. Much less are they allowed to be practicing sodomites. What is Francis going to do now?   

Is He going to simply ignore the scandal like he has been ignoring his living under the very roof administered by Monsignor Ricca? 

Knowing Francis, I will not hold my breath. But if Francis does not act soon this will be another unprecedented step in the continuing decay of the Church under the reign of the Evil Clown. 



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  1. johnfkennedy63

    Wow! You had me going there, then I remembered the day. The problem is that it is so believable and likely.

  2. “When, yesterday, the news broke that Archbishop Paglia has officially “outed” himself as a homo”…
    Can you put a link to this news please?

  3. Don’t see anything else about this on the internet. April Fools? Although, it wouldn’t ‘ve hard to believe.

  4. He should be defrocked. I am sure that he has a frock somewhere in his closet. It will be interesting to see what Pope Francis will do, or not do, as may well be the case.

  5. We are witnessing the death throes of the Novus Ordo Church. Dying, it is dying. It doesn’t know it yet, but it senses the shortness of breath. Pope Bergolio is driving a stake through the heart of the Church.
    We must stay calm, admittedly a challenge, and find the Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Keep the faith, pray, pray the Rosary, have the Sacraments, keep our devotions, and avoid the NO Church.
    May God send the remedy soon.

  6. Also, they reserved the Papal apartments for the after engagement party. Pope Francis humbly gave it to them at no charge.

  7. It gets even worse. If you look at the shading down Christ’s breast and stomach, you will see an inverted cross, a symbol of Satanism.

  8. ladyofquality

    Please tell me this is your annual April Fool’s joke! But no, not surprised.

  9. Archbishop “Faglia” has already unofficially outed himself by commissioning the church mural in which he is shown in homosexual fashion. I doubt Francis will care as he seems to be very comfortable surrounded by these types, especially his close friend and ghostwriter, “Touch Me” Fernandez. As for Dainty Jamie, the LBGTQXYZ poster boy, he’s probably planning a trip to Italy so he can study the painting in closer detail (for artistic reasons, of course). FrancisChurch has become so scandalous that it’s hard to distinguish an April Fool’s joke from reality!

  10. Archbishop Paglia: Please resign as head of the Vatican’s Academy for Life!

  11. I tried to locate this news at other sites and can’t find any.

    Can you give a link to any other article? The link you gave goes to a dead site. Thanks.

  12. Yawn…another day another scandal. Besides who are we to judge anyways?

  13. Mundabor.Is Paglia a sodomite or not?

  14. ilovevictoriasbows

    Archbishop Paglia “Outs” Himself. Will Francis? A̶̷c̶̷t̶̷

  15. Be steadfast! God will send remedy that’s carried by St. Michael, the Archangel. Archbishop Paglia and thousand sodomites in the Vatican who are too worldly, have no desire whatever to be right, won’t be able to stand a single strike from the prince of the heavenly host. Cor Jesu sacratissimum, miserere nobis.

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