Homophilic Exhortation Almost There


Languidly lost in thoughts of.. sodomy? "Tucho" Fernandez.

Languidly lost in thoughts of.. sodomy? “Tucho” Fernandez.



The news reaches us from Rorate Caeli that a) the apostolic exhortation following the Synod will be released within march, and b) the main contributor will be the not at all manly chap you see in the photo above.

Fernandez is known as liberal beyond the point of heresy, and his publications and interviews have already caused scandal in the past (I might have written about it, if I had the time). Of course, being one of those chaps who hate everything of Catholicism he is very thick with our very own Francis, and it is therefore no surprise the Evil Clown has given him the task to write the lurv-fest manifesto. 

Now, the damage will be noticeable, but still contained if the apostolic exhortation will limit itself to the usual rhetoric about lurv. Much worse it will become if Francis will dare to insert in it statements in obvious contrast with Natural Law (and the reported link states it will, barring intervention from the CDF as this is an official Vatican document). Much, much worse will this become if Francis goes to the extreme point of introducing actual, concrete measure measures facilitating, the sacrilege of communion for adulterers or any form of benediction of perverts’ “couples”, or the like.

Three months ago I would have told you that, if the last scenario were to occur, all hell would break loose. This after Francis had been successfully stopped by an unseemly and not very brave, but undoubtedly effective “rubber wall” at the Synod.

Now, I begin to have my doubt that this would happen. Since the end of the Synod we have assisted to events (like the “world religion light fest”, the “world religion FrancisVideo” and the communion sacrilegiously given to Protestants in the Vatican to mention only three, and I am still neglecting the new rules about the washing of the feet at Maundy Thursday’s Mass) that have caused nothing like the minimum amount of clerical scandal and opposition that would have allowed me to sleep well. I know, none of this is magisterial in the proper sense, but when all you see is silence from our Bishops and Cardinals then you wonder whether these people are picking their battles, or picking their nose instead, as Francis continues with a relentless barrage of heresies and blasphemies.

I wish I could be more optimistic. I normally am. But the aftermath of both the light show and the video (not to speak of the sacrilege in the Vatican) have frankly scared me. Methinks, the decision of Francis to allow the Proddies to receive communion (as I write this I have news of one, yes, one bishop condemning this) might have been the result of his feeling emboldened by the lack of clerical flack after the previous events.

We will see what the future brings. We stay strong in the faith, then Francis isn’t the faith, merely an evil clown. We accept this Pontificate as God’s punishment for the immense presumption of wanting to remake the Church in the image of.. man ongoing since 1963. We resign ourselves to die in an age of confusion, but to die without any confusion at all in our hearts and minds. We keeping fighting the good fight; a fight which, as we all known, is already won, no matter what the appearances in this vale of tears.

The Catholic Truth is as shining now as it always was. Alas, now it is shining by contrast with heresy, but it is shining still. She is still there, unaltered and unalterable by any evil pope, or any of his less than manly minions.

Stay strong. Pray more. Do penance. Begin to recite the daily Rosary. Pray frequently to St Michael. Defend proper Catholicism whenever and wherever you can (smartly and prudently) do so. Keep battling.

Old asses die, and become glue. This particular old ass might well have a much worse destiny.


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  1. Our previous pastor re-instituted the public recitation of Leo XIII’s prayer to St. Michael at the end of (our parish’s N.O.) masses. The new pastor has attempted to suppress it. At every mass at which I assist (several during the week) I recite the prayer aloud and more than half of the congregation joins me. Resistere!

    BTW, Mr. M., “We resign ourselves to die in an age of confusion, but to die without any confusion at all in our hearts and minds. We keeping fighting the good fight; a fight which, as we all known, is already won, no matter what the appearances in this vale of tears.” That’s some of the best stuff ever.

    • The new pastor has attempted to suppress it. At every mass at which I assist (several during the week) I recite the prayer aloud and more than half of the congregation joins me. Resistere!

      Resistere! Resistere! Resistere!

  2. Mundabor,
    I couldn’t agree more about the fact that, in the end, whatever the Vatican will do, it does not change the Faith. Even if Francis put out a magisterial document formally defining a heretical dogma, that would merely prove sedevacantism, but not change the content of the Faith. The Truth will never change.

    That said, your optimism will be the downfall of your predictions time and again. 🙂

    The Synod of Heresy Tolerance and the two years leading up to it have shown beyond a reasonable doubt that there will be no serious resistance from bishops and cardinals. Of course, the eternally “concerned” conservatives have written books and articles and given very concerned and serious interviews about “tendencies” and “ideas” that are cause for serious concern. But they have been proven to be toothless tigers. They still fear calling out the chief heretic in Rome. Not a single one of them has dared to tell the truth about Francis. Their “yes” has been a fog bank and their “no” a tactical evasion. These are no shepherds, these are cowards hiding behind a thin veneer of purely formal Kadavergehorsam to modernist Rome.

    When they had their chance to bite, they barked a little (not too much, though) and then voted for a document that does not even include one single clear, unambiguous statement of doctrinal orthodoxy on the central issue the whole Synod was transparently about. Instead, many openings and allusions to various ways to include adulterers and perverts – openings the exhortation will predictably use to drive the whole truck of heresy into the sanctuary.

    Events since the “Sinod” have shown that “conservative” modernists are content with the token opposition that is expected of them. The heresy freak show will now continue, emboldened by the Synod of Surrender and the lapdog behavior of “conservative” heresy-coddlers, girly-boy bishops, and surrender monkeys ever since. Put not your trust in princes of the Church, as the Psalmist almost said.

    By the way, which Novus Ordo bishop has condemned the sacrilegious communions? Which part of Alaska will be his new diocese…?

    • The premises of your comment is wrong.

      The Bishops DID stop Francis when they wanted to. Every time.

      My problem is not that they failed to do so. It is that they might fail to do it again and again.


  3. there is this person I know, he says he has supernatural abilities (telepathy, clairvoyance, etc etc)….according to him most of clergy belongs to lucifer. Therefore, no opposition to the head of the destroyers.

    Real Church in the catacombs, fraudulent nu church on tv.

  4. When I became Cathcolic eight years ago, I took the confirmation name, Benedict. I saw then what was coming to Western Civilization, though I did not think it possible the destruction would spread into the very walls of Holy Mother Church.

    In Benedict I saw a man who recognized the coming apocalypse and took appropriate steps in advance, in faith. He disappeared from the world for all intents and purposes; a nobody. But God saw him. Through Benedict, in my opinion, Western Civilization was ultimately restored after the barbarian hords preying on decadence and rot passed away.

    In his monastic system, the seeds of all that was good were cared for and nurtured for future generations to come. It took centuries to cure the disease and re-birth Western Civ anew. Out of the monastic system it came, all that was good. Amazing history sprung out of the Rock of Monte Cassino.

    I look to Benedict as an example. A good Saint to pray to also. God works through the quiet and the obscure if they diligently follow Him in trust and obedience and discipline and holy order. And it will take long after our deaths to complete the work, which is God’s.

    The Bishops’ time is past. God has other plans for His Church, and it will not be through these current decayed structures and lines of authority. I am fairly certain of that.

  5. Well, it’s not looking good if the apostolic exhortation on marriage and the family is to be written by FrancisFriend, the Kissing Archbishop. Does he not look like the original Narcissus, only in love with himself? This would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. They say this work is to be released on the Feast of St. Joseph. At least they are being consistent. The pagan monkey show was performed on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Looks like open season on the Holy Family by FrancisChurch.

    I think the exhortation will contain ambiguous phrases about “wounded families”, “internal forum”, and “mercy”; and such will be taken as a green light to progressive bishops to implement unworthy reception of Holy Communion. Francis already floated his trial balloon by giving Holy Communion to Lutherans, and none of the hierarchy challenged it. It’s obvious to me the man does not believe in the Real Presence, and sees it as a means to advance his ecumenical (world religion) agenda forward. This leads to the question, does he have any supernatural belief at all?

    It would be best for him to stay out of thunderstorms. All that white is a pretty big target.

    • Well, if you ask me, yes and no.
      Ambiguous phrases can never be used to implement sacrilegious praxis. Anyone who does so does it because he wants to do so, not because an ambiguous phrase in a Vatican document gives him an canonical right to do so.
      Therefore, I think what we will have is a climate of local disobedience to the rule of the Church, with the bishop happily looking the other way, rather than any (rather impossible) announcement of a “change” in the rules concerning reception of communion.
      However, Francis wants to create a “climate” in which abuse is encouraged and not punished. For this, his own liturgical abuses, the constant cannonading on Catholicism and the unpunished sacrileges in the Vatican will be more than enough.

  6. Here you can download the “Blasfemoglio” in five languages, unfortunately constantly updated:

  7. I assume you edited in “inappropriate” to my comments because you interpreted Pope Benedict when I instead wrote of St. Benedict. Not clear why you did that, after reading my comment again, since Pope BXVI is not implied, directly stated in my comments or possible in a Confirmation name. That is why I wrote it would be good to pray to such a man in heaven, in these similar times, alongside your recommended prayers to St. Michael. One would not pray to Pope Benedict.

    Maybe not. Anyway, I meant appropriate and still do. His actions were divinely inspired and a hinge of history.

    • I though the first two “Benedict” were meant to be the Pope (who was Pope when you converted). Where I come from we normally say “St Benedict” when we mean the saint.
      I will delete the comment.

  8. I wish there is a like button to the comments page, some are so good.

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