France Is Not Ready: Say Hello To President Creep

I suggest you abandon hope now that Le Pen may become the next French President. Instead we will get a creep who has basically married his mother with another face. 24 years of age difference. Apparently they met when he was 15 and she 39 and, the times being what they are, it is reasonable to assume they had sex at that respective age. In England, a teacher can go to jail for that. In France, a teacher becomes the First Grandma. Not saying a criminal offence was committed. But again it tells you one thing: creepy.

The French will choose the Creep rather than listening to reason because this Country still has far too many leftists (and even outright Communists) to allow it to look at reality straight in the face. It's very sad, and it means that France (and other EU Countries) will have to suffer many, many more murders before coming back to sanity. It also means that the EU will not be given de coup de grâce today, albeit the EU has already developed a malignant tumour that will not fail to kill it several years down the line.

Brexit will be a success whilst the EU Countries quarrel on debts, monetary politics and refugee politics. The immense, expensive, fraudulent big brother machine that is the EU will be exposed as a failed dream of bureaucratic autoritarian heathenism and, at the same time, German dominance over the rest of Europe. The EU is in the death row already.

Still, the execution will not be today. Too many in France are still part of the problem.

This bubo will have to grow and become very, very ugly to behold before it all ends in a messy, nasty explosion. The French contribute, today, to its further growth.

Congratulation to Le Pen for her well-conducted campaign. I wish she weren't divorced twice, though this would not have prevented me from voting for her. I can't escape the impression that a candidate with exactly the same platform and a different family name and party would have fared better in the second round.

One thing I can say of Macron: with this chap, no one has to fear there will be “grab them by the p@ssy” tapes coming out.



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  1. Smart money is watching Italy.

    Looks like they had to quickly rehabilitate Renzi because the PD was going to fall apart.

    • Renzi was always in a position of power. He had to resign because in his stupidity he had said he would, but Gentiloni is his puppet from day one. Renzi wasn’t taken down and fished back again. He was never taken down, but was forced to make one step back to keep his power.
      Italian politics is very subtle, and more complicated than in AngloSaxon countries where when you’re gone, you’re gone (see Cameron, Brown, Major).

  2. France is perfectly ready, ready to go to hell!

    They chose to elect the Soros plant, the synthetic candidate of the NWO, hand-picked to deliver globalism, sodomy and mohammedism.

    Too late, they have reached the point of no return, demographics and culture rule.

  3. I predict quicker and greater disillusion than with Hollande; less than a year..

  4. Here in the USA, we never hear Le Pen’s name mentioned without the phrase “extreme right wing” attached to it. Such rubbish.

  5. A number of my Facebook friends who are politically “progressive” celebrated Macron’s victory because they view Le Pen as a European Trump. These people don’t know the issues involved. They are so infatuated with their ideological world view that they ignore anything that mitigates against it.

    I tried calming some of these people down when Trump won. One of them called me a racist. Well, to Hell with these bastards! Let them choke on their own ideology. If they’re too stupid to understand the consequences of their world view, screw ’em! I’m tired of being “compassionate” to assholes.

  6. France is not ready, the Netherlands are not ready, Austria is not ready, Germany surely won’t be ready… And Trump is under tight control of the globalists (he failed to drain the swamp, and now the swamp is swallowing him). The reaction started last year failed miserably. My personal opinion is that we must be spiritually ready for the end of times.

    • My personal opinion is that you need to get rid of your smoked spectacles.
      But console yourself: there never was a generation without people persuaded that the end was near, and they were all wrong.

    • I don’t claim to know (with certainty) when the end of times will come, I know many said this before, I just don’t see how we can come out of the current mess. One thing is for sure: there will be a day when those who say that the end is near will be right.

    • Very true. However, I reflect that there has been no age in history without a number of people considering the end near; and this included times far more shocking than ours: black plague, WW I, (+ Spanish flu), Western Schism, fall of Constantinople, siege(s) of Vienna, cold war to name just some.

    • In my eyes, we must look at history unfolding. At some point history will end, but I work with the assumption that it doesn’t. And this perspective tells me that we are now in a full-scale offensive that will, if supported by the people, spread to the entire West in time.

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