“Thank God For Ramadan”, My Foot

Let us imagine a lowlife is savagely beating a prostitute in the middle of the night, when he sees a major fire developing in a London residential tower and promptly alerts the Fire Brigade. Who would comment on this saying “thank God for wife-beating”?


The fact is, wife-beating is (if you are Christian or at least sensible; if you are Muslim it's different) objectively wrong. Therefore, you don't thank God for something objectively wrong just because it caused a chap to save many lives.

It is, therefore, entirely absurd to say “thank God for Ramadan” just because it caused people to be out on the street in the night and promptly alert the Fire Brigade and/or help the locals. Islam is evil, and Ramadan is its fruit. That's all there is to say.

This, even assuming that these roaming Muslims were so decisive in promptly alerting the firefighters and/or giving assistance ; which I don't believe a bit, because in London you always have people around at night (yes, even in certainly not glamorous North Kensington) and the flames attracted major attention and a huge crowd in very short time.

Let us stop with this PC nonsense. The Ramadan-followers are the reason why we are having major terrorism problems.


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  1. “The Ramadan-followers are the reason why we are having major terrorism problems.” Yes, and that is why Muslim immigration to Europe and the US is wrong on so many levels.
    Location: Surely there are other suitable Middle Eastern countries, like Saudi Arabia, who could take them in. They will never assimilate here. They bring their Sharia law which is incompatible with Western civilization and will inevitably cause culture clash and law-breaking.
    Wrong group: What about the Christian minority? They are the ones who are being most cruelly tortured and murdered by ISIS, yet there is not a concerted effort to rescue them.
    Timing: Muslim immigration wasn’t even a topic for discussion just a few years ago, although there have always been wars in the Middle East. Why now?
    I understand why the Muslims want to come here as they are getting a better deal, but I don’t understand why European leaders (and our former president of unhappy memory) are pushing it so furiously and propagandizing their citizens to accept it. It makes no sense to me.

    • I don’t even think this idea that Muslims should have the right to a place where to go is right.
      Fight and die defending your land as everyone ever did.
      I make an exception for Christians, not for Muslims fighting other Muslims. They made their bed, they should lye in it.

    • Lie in it.
      Damn autocorrect.

  2. johnfkennedy63

    I prefer that they do lie in lye.

  3. “Damn autocorrect.”

    I’m getting so tired of Apple’s shirt.

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