Attacking The Straw Man

Pope Francis has stated he is “saddened” by “perfect Catholics” who criticise others.

This is a typical straw man argument. There are no perfect Catholics who say that whoever is not perfect must be criticised. The object of the criticism simply does not exist, and is chosen to make people who do exist look bad.

What does exist is Catholics who, whilst sinners, strive to live a Catholic life and justly criticise overt and covert attacks to it. Francis cannot put it that way, however, because it would reveal the fundamental soundness of the criticism.

This very mediocre, very emotional, completely unintelligent line of attack is perfectly in line with this Pope: a stupid, ignorant, arrogant man who hates Catholicism and all who love it.

It is a blessing that our heretical Pope is at least a dumb one. I start to fear what might happen if his successor were one like him, but with a better brain.

Please, Lord, save us from an evil worse scourge than an ass as Pope.



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  1. “At least he’s a dumb one.” So true, and so terrifying at the same time. If a man this stupid can do so much damage, imagine how much worse it could/will be if we get a smart one. While it’s nice to know Francis is too stupid to be the Antichrist, think of how terrible it will indeed be under the Antichrist, when unless those days had been shortened, even the elect would be deceived.

  2. The biggest critic of Catholics is Pope Francis himself. I wonder if that ever occurred to him.

  3. Well said, sir.

    Not only that Bergoglio is not orthodox, but he’s also utterly illogical and ignorant person, as you have proven numerous times. The problem is NO sheep feed on his mindless words as if they were true.

  4. A person who values virtue will desire others to practice it, out of love for them. Parents used to teach their believed children how to be virtuous. Papa Bergoglio pretends to be well meaning, while bashing all attempts at leading a virtuous life. When I am at my lowest, I am upset, ashamed, and unwilling to preach to others. When I do better, I am more confident. Yet even though I am never perfect, I consider pursuit of truth, virtue and beauty, even through meditation on them or intelligent conversation, worthy of my time. Papa Bergoglio has no time for thinking. Like a vulture, he will always be on the lookout for pray – an apparently disadvantaged person.
    I know that when giving to others, one should practice discernment. By not applying proper discrimination in giving (a person lacking in virtue will not be able to do that), we can do a lot of harm, and no good. I say it as someone who used to work with homeless people. That homeless center was a place, where immorality and irresponsibility were enforced in people, who needed good preaching. A man can not really live on beach and pizza alone. Poor Bergoglio does not have a clue.

  5. He’s canny enough, but true, he’s no giant intellect. And Amen to your prayer.

    • In my eyes he is what in common parlance is called a scheming bastard. This does not require intelligence, merely some cunning. I find him mediocre at that too, though. He is so transparent he does not fool anyone.

  6. Can you imagine having Schonborn as Pope?

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