Pope Maduro In Five Easy Points

Trumps security concerns....

It was very kind of Barbara Simpson to say that, with his astonishing requests on behalf of illegal immigrants and fake refugees, Pope Francis put his foot in his mouth again.

I am not so kind and will, therefore, succinctly give you my version of what is happening.

1. Pope Francis' statements are not unintentional gaffes. They are willed political statements.

2. Francis' political position is somewhere between Peron and Chavez/ Maduro.

3. He is fully aware of the disconcert he will cause among Catholics. He just doesn't care.

4. He does so because he hates and despises all of them.

5. As Francis wants the end of the Church in Europe as we know it, he works as he can to deChristianise and Muslimise it.

The points above may be shocking for some. But the facts on the ground have been confirming them for years now, and this keeps happening day in and day out.

This Pope hates the Church, he hates Catholics, and he hates you. He wants your world and system of values gone and will do as much as he can for all the time he still has.

Look at his continuing statements, and shameless attacks to the Christian West. There is no other explanation. It's happening in front of our eyes and he is even not shy in telling you so, then the man is even less subtle than he is intelligent.

This is the fitting punishment for the Second Vatican Council. A rebellious earthly Church will be punished with a rebellious Pope, so that all but the completely blind may see what rebellion leads to.

Francis is the way the Lord is using to put the error of our ways in front of us. The remedy is recognising the mistakes, correctly identify their root cause, vow to atone for them and go back to sanity.

No, Francis is not attacking you unintentionally. He does so aggressively, like the peasant and boor he is, certain of the impunity his role gives him.

I wonder if it would be a grave sin to throw foul tomatoes and sundry rotten vegetables at him, ad maiorem Dei gloriam.




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  1. “This is the fitting punishment for the Second Vatican Council. A rebellious earthly Church will be punished with a rebellious Pope, so that all but the completely blind may see what rebellion leads to.”

    Pope Francis is the personification of Vatican II when the devil took charge of the Church. God in His goodness is now making this obvious to many by allowing Pope Francis to become Pope.

    “For judgment I came into this world, that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may become blind.” (John 9:39)

  2. And we still await the formal correction.

    The fact that he’s not upholding the Deposit of Faith, Tradition & confirming the brethren (which is his job) must make him a fraud, yet this man can happily tear asunder the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church at will. Prior to VII, no woman could enter the Vatican or shake hands with the Pope without wearing a head covering but now the Pope, supported by the Hierarchy, can render havoc on the True Faith without hardly a murmur of discontent from his Curia, who themselves can have a knees-up, drug-fuelled sodomite orgy within Vatican precincts. Satan & his minions definitely reside there. They need to be exorcised!

  3. Truth In Tradition

    I am constantly surprised at those people who twist themselves into pretzels to explain that Pope Francis didn’t really say or if he said it, we mistake his meaning. My favourite has been that the translation is wrong. I had always been under the impression that the Vatican had been accurately translating documents for approximately 2,000 years. Ot seems that good help is hatd to find these days. Why are so many reluctant to take the Pope at his word?

  4. johnfkennedy63

    Throw a tomato and yell “surprise!” Plead that the “god of surprises” made me do it.

    Here in the US, the press frequently yell questions at the President, at Governors, etc. in an attempt to provoke a reply. Have you read of any such attempts in Rome to PF? He likes to glad hand people in the square, so I’m surprised that people haven’t done so. What if the faithful started to shout at him, “Answer the Dubia!” or “What are you doing about Coccopalmerio’s assistant and the gay orgies in the Vatican?”

    Imagine these as verbal tugs on his sleeve which he detested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm4DiUYLKqk

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