Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Cardinal Murphy O'Connor has departed this vale of tears during the weekend. The Evil Clown himself, who isn't very fast in remembering the plight of persecuted Christians, was not slow at all in letting us know how saddened he is.

He bloody well knows why.

CMOC was a prominent member of the so-called St. Gallen Mafia, the group of prominent prelates who helped Bergoglio to position himself for the 2013 Conclave. No, I do not think for a second that this made the election invalid, and only in kindergarten can children believe that this kind of positioning does not take place all the time (and even more intensely so in the past, when “transition Popes”, expected to reign for only months or maximum a year or two, made the positioning and PR game a permanent one; and I will ignore the bribes and exchange of favours out of the charity of my heart).

What I am thinking is this: that this powerful man, once able to influence papal election, is now dust.

What is worth, now, the knowledge of being one of the Big Whigs? What has remained of the satisfaction of knowing that one's own prestige and influence with the wrong people has led to the desired outcome even without him taking part in the Conclave? What use is the knowledge that a Pope himself will express one's sadness at one's demise, when the Judgment will be faster than that?

CMOC had, of course, all the time in the world to repent, as his knowledge that he was dying of cancer put him, by God's grace, in a much more favourable position than, say, Cardinal Meisner, who appears to have simply dropped dead, without even seeing it coming. (Like Saul Alinsky. Just saying…).

However, the great grace of knowing that one's last hour is approaching is only useful if one has the right faith. If one thinks that there is no God at all, or a kindergarten version of one (as Meisner clearly indicated in interviews before he died), then this grace will be of little and, very possibly, of no use at all.

Now everything is gone. Gone are the events with heads of state and government; gone is the life of prestige and comfort; gone are the interviews and the obsequience of the Catholic masses. The Cardinal stood naked in front of his just Judge.

Thousand battles could he have fought, and he shunned all of them. Where he has now gone, no one is fooled by pomp and interviews. Where he has gone, he is one of the greatest failures of the Church in the last decades.

Pray for the poor bastard, because one day we will stand, just as naked, in front of our just Judge.

But seriously, do all you can to get there in a better position than this one.

A red hat was never a “get out of hell”-card.





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  1. Hi M. I presume you mean that CMOC had a kindergarten idea of God, and that ‘Meisner’ is just a typo?

  2. It has been reported on BBC, TABLET swearing radio & TV, that CMOC overjoyed at ascendance of Bergoglio as he would take the brakes of the Vatican II.

  3. M., there was no link to demonstrate Cardinal Meisner’s kindergarten version of God. I’m so sorry to learn that as I thought he was pretty solid with a mature faith. I hope I am not misunderstanding what you wrote.

    • No you aren’t. I thought I had written about him, I certainly wanted but I might not have had the time.
      See my other post.

      V II Cardinals: the cleanest has scabies.

  4. True that, all of it. One wonders often, seeing what these men are up to half of the time, if they truly believe what they are doing is the right thing to do? It is a difficult thing to contemplate, and leads one to a bad place where it is easy to wonder, does anything matter at all then? But of course it does, it must. We have to choose right and not wrong, we don’t get into heaven if we just fell arse-backward into apostasy or a lifetime of sin. God is merciful but we do have free will and there is not much excuse for being a Cardinal and not knowing.
    May God have mercy on his soul. May He help us endure these times.
    True enough, we get to choose while we are here and not a second more. It is a sobering thought to imagine the opportunities for choosing good and not evil will end.

  5. I pray every day for Pope Francis because I certainly do not wish him any harm. I simply ask God to stop him from splitting the Church into splinters. How God does that, I leave up to God. I also will pray for the repose of the soul of CMOC. Purgatory exists so that we, who are not perfect, may be made perfect in order for us to be able to enter heaven. I am certainly aware of my imperfections and I am also aware that I too will have to face that Just Judge in the not to distant future. My present hope is that my time there will not be of too long a duration. It frightens me when I read that Our Lady told the children at Fatima that someone they knew would be in Purgatory until the Last Day! Wow!…What a thought!
    I can think of others that I knew, who grew up with me and who left the Church. They are now dead! Perish the thought!
    De mortuis, nihil, nisi bonum!

    • I agree with the prayers.
      I strongly disagree with the de mortals, nil nisi bonum thing if they are public figures who influence others.
      You don’t apply your maxim to Stalin or Hitler, either.

  6. “A red hat was never a “get out of hell”-card.”

    Indeed. St. John Chrysothom said that the road to Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops. Hell received another cobblestone when Murphy-OConnor departed this mortal coil

  7. What’s a wisdom to say that they have lost the faith. They have been called and chosen as John the Baptist who “came as a witness, to bear witness concerning the light, that all might believe through Him.” They might have big illusion of holiness and complacency that they thought they’ve reached already heaven. They’re ordained as selective servants who have granted a lot of powers to save, supposedly to defend God and His Church from heretical attacks from both outside and within till the last drop of blood that God has commanded. Pride is the father of all errors. May God have mercy on their souls.

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